“Through Quarter-Finals”-Denmark Defeats Wales & Make History

Euro Cup 2020 began with super surprises and performances, especially by the underdog teams. No one expected the group stage outcome, which would create such a big impact on the fans and the last 16.

Believe it or not, the last 16 teams are impressive and full-on mode to earn the spot for the quarter-finals.

Yesterday first two matches were played by the four teams for the quarter-final position. Denmark vs Wales and Italy vs Austria.

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Both matches were exciting and powered packed no doubt on that, but Denmark took the spotlight and made history in Euros.

Denmark has been showing their true performance from the starting even though facing a horrifying incident, where its star player ‘Christian Eriksen’ collapsed during the group stage match and headed to the hospital.

From then, Denmark made a great impact on others by their outclass performance and being an underdog team in the tournament.

Denmark Defeated Wales-Underdogs In Quarter-Finals

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The match began with a brilliant start by both the teams, Gareth Bale took the early charge and took the first shot of the day. But missed the target and then there wasn’t any opportunity came to Wales because Denmark became notorious with the ball.

In the 27th minute, the striker Kasper Dolberg broke the deadlock with a brilliant finish and beaten the keeper beautifully.

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The shot was outclassed with the curve swing and hitting the ball into the net. Denmark’s confidence increased right after their first goal, at the beginning of the second half, with the poor clearance by the Wales defender Kasper Dolberg scored the second goal for his team and gave two goals cushion.

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Wales’s defenders couldn’t do anything with that shot, not only that in the 88th minute Joakim Maehle who made one of the defenders slip with his quick turn and hit the sweet spot to give his team three goals lead.

Denmark was unstoppable for sure because the way they were playing it was pure football. Martin Braithwaite put the cherry on top when he scored the fourth goal in the 94th minute of the game.

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Denmark has been exhibiting their game with pure passion and they outnumbered Wales with four goals in their bag.

It was the first time reached the Euro Cup quarter-finals since 2004 and it’s a big achievement for the team.

Nightmare For Wales & Sweet Dreams For Denmark

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After the match, Gareth Bale came forward and talked to the BBC. “It’s not how we wanted the game to go, from our point of view we started very well and then the game changed.

“We tried to play in the second half but made a mistake to concede which killed the momentum on our side. To finish how we did is disappointed but the boys are frustrated and angry understandably, I’d prefer us to go out that way.

“If you play the ball through the back of someone it’s a foul, I felt the ref was influenced by the supporters here. It’s disappointing that’s all I can say.

“We’ve missed an opportunity but I can’t fault the effort and that’s the minimum requirement, I’m proud of them still.”

Happy Kasper Hjulmand

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Apart from the nightmare, Kasper Hjulmand and his side had sweet dreams. Kasper Hjulmand head coach of Denmark surely led his side. Talking to the media he said, their love for Christian Eriksen has “given us wings”.

“When Christian collapsed, everything changed for me. It was suddenly a different situation,” Hjulmand said after the game. “We needed the love and the support and that gave us wings.

“It’s hard to believe that this is reality. I am grateful for all the Danes who came here. It’s crazy. I am very, very grateful.

“I admire the boys. Everything wasn’t perfect during the game, but we improved. The guys are true warriors.”

“We have a star striker in Kasper. I already watched him when he was a kid,” he said. “He had some problematic phases with injuries and coronavirus, but he bounced back. He didn’t play a lot in the beginning. I saw during the training sessions that he is fit. I think it was meant to be to have this huge climax here.”

No doubt, Denmark overpowered Wales in every manner from strike to defend and that’s what a football team should do to their opposition.

Today, another important match will be played between Belgium and Portugal. Everyone’s eyes will be on both of the team’s star players and the majority will be keeping an eye on Cristiano Ronaldo. Will he defend his Euro Cup?

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