Punjab Government Denies The News Of Hijabi Students Studying In Government Institutes Receiving Extra Marks!

Each day, we are hearing news that have no association with the reality. Our media outlets, in the urge of hitting heights of viewership are often seen releasing news without any verification. One of such news  was released today by all leading media outlets in Pakistan.

According to a number of news channels, Raza Ali Gillani, the Punjab Higher Education Minister announced that females of government colleges who cover their heads with Hijab will be awarded 5 extra marks.

According to the false sources, the implementation of this rule was to allow students to promote the practice of Hijab-culture in Punjab. In addition to this, a rumored waiver of 5% was to be given to female Hijabi students who had less than 65% attendance in their specific government institute. In short, the allegations stated that the government is offering favors in order to promote the culture of wearing Hijab in government institutes.

This Notice Was Released

People On Social Media Couldn’t Believe That Punjab Government Could Implement Such A Thing

And It Was False!

PPP’s Leader Aseefa Bhutto Had Her Say

While the speculations and allegations kept increasing, Punjab Government denied the news by making the following tweet:

Given how the government has denied the news, here’s to hoping all media outlets verify before causing such outburst in our country.

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