72 Families In India Sent To Quarantine After They Had Pizzas

Delivery Boy Indian Families Quarantine

The global coronavirus pandemic has spread fear among the world masses as the number of positive cases keeps on increasing with each passing day. With many countries being under severe lockdown to control the pandemic, recently, more than 70 families in India incurred an unexpected situation.

Analyzing the COVID-19 situation ‘under control’, several countries have resumed its food delivery services, including India. However, things got a bit ‘out of control’ after a pizza delivery boy in South Delhi tested positive for the virus. Details reveal that the delivery boy was associated with a renowned pizza chain of India and had delivered food to about 72 families in the locality.

Pizza boy infected 72 families in India

It is indeed an alarming situation for the whole area as the virus can easily harm the other neighbors. According to a District Magistrate BM Mishra of South Delhi, the pizza boy was tested positive earlier on Tuesday. Following the situation, the concerned authorities took immediate action and quarantined a total of 16 other colleagues at the restaurant.

Delivery Boy Indian Families Quarantine


”A delivery boy from a famous pizza chain in Malviya Nagar area tested positive on Tuesday. Following which the authorities immediately decided to quarantine his 16 colleagues at the outlet. A detailed trail was followed to identify each house where food was delivered by the outlet”, he added.

Indians demanding answers from Zomato

Speaking to a local news outlet, Mishra revealed, ”We have found that 72 houses took delivery from that outlet. Hence everyone is now told to follow precautionary measures and be under self-quarantine.” Moreover, he advised to the riders to obtain proper precautionary measures while making any delivery.

About the coronavirus positive delivery boy, he is currently under treatment at a local hospital. However, the families who came in contact with the rider are under surveillance of authorities 24/7. Among the 72 deliveries, most were made by the Indian food delivery giant Zomato who later clarified its stance on Twitter.

The statement issued by Zomato read, ”All the co-workers of the said rider have tested negative. As a precaution, the restaurant where the rider worked has suspended operations.” However, Indian customers don’t seem to trust Zomato anymore. As many are now questioning the precautionary measures adopted by the delivery giant.

During this pandemic, what we can do to stay safe is to adhere to the precautionary measures and make sure our families do it too. Beware, we can have whatever we want once the situation settles around us. But, before that happens it is important to adopt social distancing.

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