Delhi Riots: 85-year-old Muslim Woman Burnt To Death

85-year-old Akbari

The brutal violence in Delhi is getting worse with each passing day. Recently, we came across a piece of news where an 85-year-old Muslim woman Akbari is burned alive in her own house.

Identified as Akbari, her body now lies at the hospital as her family members wait for a postmortem. As far as 40 people have died and over 200 injured after almost a week of violence. Akbari was waiting for the birth of her grandchild but her dream shattered when mobs set her home on fire.

According to media reports, Akbari’s son Mohammed Saeed Salmani was out to buy grocery when a mob of around 100 people gathered in the lane where their house was located. That is when he received a call from his younger son, who informed him about the fire. He rushed back to the spot but the flames were too strong by then, and he had to wait for them to be controlled.

85-year-old akbari

source: Thewire

“At around 11 am, the children said there’s no milk at home. So I went out to buy milk. While returning, my son called up to say that about 150 to 200 men have reached home. I don’t know if they were Hindus or Muslims. The children had locked the gate from inside,” he said while narrating the incident to an Indian media.

“My mother was on the upper floor and got trapped. I could not go inside as people said they will kill me too,” Salmani added. “The children kept calling saying ‘Papa, aa jao, bachao hamein (Papa, come and save us)”.

Akbari had burn injuries on her hands and died of suffocation. Somehow the children managed to survive. Akbari body remained in the burnt house for more than 10-hours before it was recovered for postmortem.

Salmani also said that he has lost everything from his business to her assets worth more than INR 1 crore. And, most importantly her mother who was a role model for him.

Hamza Ali Abbasi reacts to the horrible incident

Pakistani celebrity Hamza Ali Abbasi also took to Twitter to react to the incident. He expressed his sorrow about the ongoing violence on Muslims in India. “I don’t have words for how horrific this is,” he wrote.

Moreover, where Muslims in India are under attack, Indian police and media are trying to hide the ongoing violence. Panic had gripped the residents of several parts of India’s capital on Sunday. But, the Delhi Police and Indian leaders denied any incident and appealed people to remain calm.

The deadliest riots in Delhi against a new Indian citizenship law began over two months ago attacking the Muslim community in India. Few days back, angry mobs burned down a mosque in Delhi.

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