To Get A Degree Or Not, In Order To Be Successful?

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This article was originally submitted by Ayesha Ilyas

After reading the title of my article, you guys must be thinking that I’m mad! But after reading my entire article, you will come to know why I wrote it.

Today, if we ask a child what they want to be, most of the children respond to the question with careers like Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Fashion designer, etc. When they are asked why most kids respond by saying there are more good jobs in this profession from which they will get more money and fame.

In reality, as well, this is the reason why most of the parents force their children to study. In schools, colleges, and universities, career choosing seminars are held through which students are guided as to which profession they should select and often tell them to choose a certain career that has more scope.

To Get A Degree Or Not, In Order To Be Successful?

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From childhood, it is put into a child’s mind that there are good jobs and more money in certain professions.

Furthermore, due to this, the child then studies for the same purpose. But this is wrong because when a person thinks only of his own interests, the person is called selfish. Parents should make their children human first before choosing any profession.

Once, Hazrat Ali was asked the difference between a human and an animal. He said, the one who only thinks for himself is an animal and whoever thinks for others is a human being. In this sense, you can understand better that we are humans only by name because nobody has time for anyone because everyone thinks only for themselves. That is why, in relationships, distances are also growing.

To Get A Degree Or Not, In Order To Be Successful?

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We all have seen that parents who “only” pursue their children to get a degree. Later, such parents are left alone. Now in the 21st century, it has become the story of every household. The greatest example of this is that kids have set a certain day for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for their parents because they are so busy in their lives.

The parents are responsible for this by themselves. From childhood, they would ask their children to focus more on education, so they could get a better degree and then a good job.

They do not make their children realize that just getting an education is not the real perfection but implementing it, is. Education teaches us humanity, the importance of relationships, our religion, cultural norms. However, today’s children are distant from it.

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From a degree, you can get a good job which can lead to a luxurious life but not necessarily a satisfying and fulfilling life. So, how can you succeed when there is no satisfaction in your life? There are many well-educated people around us who have good degrees, good jobs, all the luxuries still they are unsatisfied; they don’t have time for others in their lives.

To Get A Degree Or Not, In Order To Be Successful?

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Furthermore, they have gone far away from their relationships with others. A successful life is one in which you are satisfied with your own life. The real success is when you help others. The happiness and satisfaction that comes from helping others cannot come from any luxuries.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is an example of success. He had no degree. He had a very simple lifestyle, and he was the richest poor man. Today, he is not in this world but still, the whole world remembers him in good means. If we want more stars to emerge like Abdul Sattar Edhi, then it is the duty of parents and teachers, who are the mentors of a child, to guide them from childhood.

They can select the best path for them and this can only be possible by practicing moral values, love for country, learning good deeds. And most importantly, practice the implementation of education which will enable them to be successful in both worlds.

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