‘I Needed Professional Help’ Deepika Padukone Recalls Her Depression Breakdown

Not every celebrity has ever openly talked about their mental health and depression more than the Bollywood gorgeous actress Deepika Padukone. Deepika Padukone is one of the finest actresses in the Bollywood industry who gave some of the great performances of her career. 

Despite having that such success and a loving husband. She had the worst nightmare life that dragged her into the depressive world where she lost herself and recently she claimed that she was suicidal at times. 

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It’s hard to hear from someone whom you admire and adore for her presence both off and on screen. 

At an event, Deepika recalled how she overcame depression with the help of medical professionals and support from her family. The Tamasha star said that she even “felt suicidal at times.”

Deepika Padukone recalling her recovery from depression 

The Baajirao Mastani actress began her story by thanking her mom Ujjala Padukone, Deepika said, “I give all the credit to my mother for recognizing the signs and symptoms because it just happened out of the blue.” 

She added, “I was on a career-high, and everything was going well, so there was no reason or no apparent reason why I should’ve felt the way I was feeling, but I would break down for no reason.

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There were days when I just didn’t want to wake up, I would sleep because sleep for me was an escape, I was suicidal at times.”

She even recalled her ordeal with depression, Deepika said at the event, “My parents live in Bengaluru and every time they visited me, even now when they visit me, I always put on a brave front, like everything’s okay, you know you always want to show your parents that you’re fine… so, I was doing one of those things like I’m fine… until they were leaving one day, they were going back to Bengaluru and I broke down and my mother asked me the usual hygiene questions like… is it a boyfriend? Is it someone at work? 


Has something happened? And I just didn’t have answers… it was none of these things. And it just came from a really empty, hollow place. And she knew instantly, and I think that for me was God sent.”

A few months back Deepika opened up about her mental health and expressed that she was depressed. 

Medication to fight depression

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She then spoke about the medication that helped her a lot to overcome her depression. Deepika added, “Coming back to me… I needed professional help. And then the journey went on… I was put on to a psychiatrist, medication which went back and forth for many months.

I was resistant to that at first because there was so much stigma attached to mental illness, so that went on for a couple of months until I finally started taking medication and started feeling better.”

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