Fashion Designer Deepak Perwani Joins MQM-P and You Can’t Miss What Pakistanis Have to Say

In the most unusual of events, fashion designer, Deepak Perwani joins the Pakistani wing of MQM. Yes, it’s breaking news from yesterday which has become the talk of the town. The Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan held a press conference where they officially announced the inclusion of a few personalities into the party including renowned fashion designer, Deepak Perwani.

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The newest members belong to the fields of art, fashion, design, culture etc. All these years, MQM has boasted some of the highly intellectual party members and the joining of the likes of Deepak Perwani and others might be a facet of the same.

Having Deepak Perwani in the party will solve Rabita Committee’s problems on Eid. – Dr. Farooq Sattar

Besides the fashion designer, Alamgir Feroz, Taufeeq Kochin, Nazia Ali, Khurram Rasool, Imtiaz M. Ali, Saman Laiq Abbasi and Javed Hanif joined MQM-P.

What does Deepak Perwani have to say about this move?

It’s fairly easy to just sit in your house or comment on social networks through your computer and not actually understand what is going on in the city. We all live in Karachi and we are all part of this city. It’s important that we take responsibility for the city. – Deepak Perwani

As of course, you cannot miss out on what Pakistani people on social media have to say about it. Reactions poured in from all directions over such a surprising move.

Here’s the best of what Pakistanis had to say about Deepak Perwani joining MQM-P


Some people rejoiced over the news

Nobody saw it coming


Quality banter indeed

Maybe, just maybe



LOL @ Stylish MQM

Looks like MQM has made quite a strong move there for the sake of their reputation. How does he come out as a member of the party and his role, we shall see.

What do you guys think?

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