Only Sheesha Lovers Can Relate To This!

If you are a lover, you may be suffering. But if you are Sheesha lover, the suffering is inevitable. The well-known love and Sheesha love, both take their toll on the heart. Both can do a lot of damage. But this time the suffering has multiplied. The misery has increased.

The love is being snatched. It’s being taken. It’s being crushed into pieces with bulldozers. Government crackdown on Sheesha cafes has taken its toll on the smokers, the true lovers. They are suffering. Suffering like someone whose deep-rooted love has been taken away. The lovers are on the run. The romance is high. The peace of the heart is lost. They are craving. They need Sheesha. One last puff. That puff of love. Like a true devotee they are willing to have a puff anywhere they can find. Be it a basement garage of their “Mohalla” friend or a high end restaurant selling the love in various flavors; hidden from the eyes of authorities.



The authorities, the police, the DHA Force; everyone is adamant to get their hands on every lovely pleasure they can find anywhere. They are collecting it and bulldozing it. They believe they are killing the romance. They think they are shutting down all the shady cafes running around the city. But to a true lover, they are murdering every bit of love that they have gifted to the skies of this amazing city; right from the lungs, the windpipe, through the mouth; up it goes. The love that once hovered around the city is now fading. The sky that was filled with flavors is now depressed.



But like true lovers, these don’t care if their love destroys the lungs or the heart; they would still go ahead. Why not? What’s the point of living more if the love is taken away? What is life without your love? What do the Supreme Court, the DHA and the Police think? They can take the love and the Romeos will give up? No! The Romeos will scatter, will call their friends, will make new groups, will buy personal Sheeshas, will make their cars, garages and roofs their cafes; but they will not let the love go. And anyways; who would want to share their love with anyone? Get your own love and get away to the magnificent world of flavors, smoke and slow death. Such romance.

The romance may be parting its way with the city and love of death subsiding. But the true suicidals, the true lovers, the devotees; they won’t give up. They want to take the last bit of love to their last breath. Because they know living longer may end up with them being separated from their darling. Being broken; being sad and depressed. That will kill daily. Better idea, puff the love. Puff, puff and puff till they perish. Perish once and for good. The romance will win.


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