Dear Society, Allah Created Me As A Transgender And It Is Not My Fault!

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While I was in my mothers tummy, everyone rejoiced but the moment I came in this world, the whole hospital was in chaos. My father was crying loudly, cursing me, cursing God, the nurses were hesitant to carry me and my mother rejected to even see my face. Moments later, few heavily dressed men as women came to pick me up. They are the same people who I call my family now.

When I turned 16, I was hired by a harlot to dance and entertain guests. One day a man came there and said, “Rasheeda, I don’t visit here to see these indecent women. I come here just to see you, I want you to love me back”. I was confused that how could I love a man. I was confused that how could I love him, when I knew that his family is gonna reject me as soon as they realize that I am transsexual or in your language Heejrha, chakka or a khusra.


Source: Youth Times

I couldn’t stop myself and fell for that man. I even agreed to ditch my community for him, until one day he came to me and said “Rasheeda hamara koi future nahi, meri maa ne mere liye aik larki dekhli hai aur mein unhe mana nhi krskta”

I was devastated. I was running on the main road while drivers cursed me. I was crying loudly, very loudly that I hoped God heard me.

Now I daily wake up early in the morning, dress up and go out during rush hours to roam on the streets and beg for money. The thing which I don’t understand about you people is that whenever I come near your car, your children would get scared and your wives would start reciting some aayah fearing me. This makes me laugh a lot as you people forget that I am also a creation of God.

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