Dear Lux Style Awards, Mocking Short People Isn’t Funny

If there’s one thing Pakistanis love more than tv shows, it’s Award shows for tv series. Everyone is dressed to the nines with designer clothes, looking their best, celebrating the work they’ve done throughout the year with fellow luminaries of the industry.

Or at least, that’s what it’s supposed to be about.

Generally, award shows tend to gravitate towards light-hearted humor with family friendly script, so there’s little room for controversy.

However, this is seemingly not what happened last night.

In a post regarding the political incorrectness of a skit in the Lux Style Awards, Ayaz Anis Khan spoke of how the awards show brought out two short statured people, and identified them as parents of a well known villain, going as far as to calling the female actor a “kameeni.

Dear Lux Style Awards, Mocking Short People Isn't Funny

You read that right.

Apparently, the show was lacking along the lines of controversy in the humor department, and needed a little mirch masala to add to their script, even if it took a discriminatory turn in the skit.

“Was disappointed to see such ridiculous humour last night at the ‪#‎LSA2016‬. Two short height people were brought out on stage being joked as the parents of a negative character (yeh dwarfs Ek zaleel character ke maa Baap hain) being played in the most popular drama these days. Who writes the script for the show? Is it screened for content? Discrimination should be discouraged at all levels not supported on such forums which give us international representation. ‪#‎ahmedbutt‬ ‪#‎aishakhan‬“.

While most people may argue that the dwarf actors (their respective names were not mentioned in the post) were alright with the script as seen by their picture in the post, it seems highly unnecessary that they should be painted in a negative light with connotations that they are evil, as mentioned by Ayaz Anis Khan ,“Yeh dwarfs Ek zaleel character ke maa Baap hain”, it is yet to be confirmed what their actual reactions were.

Rarely shown in Pakistani cinema, short heighted actors do not have a great scope for roles, usually coming on the radio or in television shows for children.

Being taken seriously as performers as opposed to simple entertainers, it seems unfair that the awards show would call them up only to place them in a situation where they are being painted negatively.

We’ve yet to hear more from others confirming exactly what went down on the awards, but trust us, you’ll be the first to know!

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