Dear Indian, Is One Dotted-Line Above Humanity?

Dear Indians,

This letter is for you the average Indian, the one who desires to live in peace and give their child a peaceful future. Hope you read this ahead without any prejudice or hate. Let’s for next 5 minutes ignore what the media tells us and forget everything negative. Close your eyes for a minute, take some deep breaths and let the positivity come in……..Done?

I write this letter to you as a human to another human. From a neighbour to another. From one heart to another. I write this to you to let humanity bridge the walls between India and Pakistan. 70 years have passed by, my dear Indians. More than 25000 days of hate.

Is that what two neighbours should be like? I don’t think so. When the developed world moves ahead with friendly relations, be it USA and Canada, or UK and France: having exemplary relations with one another. Why the hate between us?

Dear Indian, just to make sure a dotted line stays on the map, for 1.5 Billion People of the Subcontinent war lingers on daily. For the last 25000+ days Millions of Kashmiris wake up with the hope to be free. So many years, days and months: just for one dotted line. Is that worth it? And among all that suffering, a UN resolution lies there for the last several decades, promising the Kashmiris that they will one day be able to choose their destiny. All for one dotted line.

Kashmiris, the beautiful people, are fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters and brothers and sisters. We all have had some of these relations in our lives and we know how losing one of them destroys us. We all know. 70 years have passed and the people of Kashmir are asking to be let go.

The demand hasn’t changed – it has just increased. But the satisfaction is so much, that to be sure that they are caged in a dotted line, those innocents are facing killings, rapes and are being blinded for so many decades.

Dear Indian fellow, think for once how does it feel to know that you are under someone’s occupation. Think for one minute. Imagine how it would feel if you are caged for one day. Now visualize this situation for one year. For an average Kashmiri that has been the feeling for the last 70 years.

For the last 25500+ days! Just to force them to stay as dotted line on the map. Consider for once as a human, not as a Pakistani or Indian. Just as a human and try to feel the pain of those people on the mountains. They want to be free in their own ways. Me and You are free and we know the next day when we wake up: we won’t have to worry about an alien army putting restrictions on us the next day. Kashmiris desire this feeling: for the last 70 years.

There is tremendous poverty in our two countries. A huge chunk of population survives below poverty line. They suicide when things get out of control for them and when they are unable to feed themselves. Then when the Indian government spends huge chunk of tax money on senseless defense expenditure, to build up arms and put the region into an arms race: I ask you my Dear Indian fellow, is that dotted line on the map enough of a reason to put so much humanity into suffering?

We Pakistanis have faced terror in our land and Pakistanis know what bloodshed is like. I am writing this on a positive note to forget all the negativity and move towards peaceful future and thus will not go in to who funded that terror. We have fought off that menace, sacrificed and won.

Now we want to have a long lasting peace. We fully understand the fact when a war happens between two nuclear capable countries, no one wins. All that remains is ash. Is one dotted line making millions of humans suffer for 70 years, worth it?

Dear neighbour, we Pakistanis don’t hate average Indians. I don’t hate you. Ignore the mainstream media and come visit us. Human to Human. Pakistani to Indian to Pakistani. Indian movies have been a hit in Pakistan and Indian artists when they come to Pakistan they have all praises for the hospitality they get.

Even average Indians: for them too, the love they get in the so-called enemy land is unforgettable. We all desire a peaceful future for our upcoming generations. But for a long lasting peace we need to sort the issue of that dotted line. We need to force the governments to sit and talk.

Millions of humans in Kashmir are on the road demanding freedom. 90 days of curfew in the valley has just increased their determination. I ask you, is one dotted line enough to give pain to so many sons, daughters, brother, fathers and husbands in Kashmir?

Is it enough put constant fear into Billions of average people? Kashmiris have suffered for the last 70 years; do you want our fellow humans to suffer the same for 70 more years? Do you want us to be hateful to each other for more 70 years? I don’t and I’m sure about you. I know, for you also my Dear Indian fellow human, one dotted line will not be above humanity and peace.

Hope you have read this without any prejudice and without any hate. Hope you understand the fact that peace can be achieved if we honestly strive for that and let’s not let hatred from the media win.


A Neighbour – A Human

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