Dear Girls! You Deserve A Better Life! Don’t Let ‘Log Kia Kaheingay’ Hold You Back!

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Girls who stay in physically or mentally tortured marriages, and those who hide their sufferings from the world because of the following ridiculous reasons – Hearing this from our parents all the time: “LOG KIA KAHEINGAY!” Let’s come to the parents. I understand girls don’t want to hurt them but if you’re the one in mental and physical pain, reconsider your priorities.

You’re not a “BECHARI”, don’t think of yourself as one! Absolutely NOT! Few parents back off and don’t even support their daughters thinking about ‘log kia kaheingay’ or the most common one is that if you get a divorce, your younger siblings won’t get so-called ‘achay rishtay’. I don’t understand what it even has to do with them.


Source: Tenor

Take your own stand, you are better off without a man! Marriage is not everything! I have even seen girls who decide to stay just because of their children and they fear the thought of raising kids without a father figure because again “log kia kaheingay” or some other reason. You don’t want your children to see that their father doesn’t value women and after all women are the ones that bring you into this world.



Women don’t object to being toyed with, they’re living breathing humans that deserve to be treated with respect. If men can’t value women, it’s simple, don’t marry one. I know being a divorcee in our culture is thought of as taboo. Islam doesn’t associate any ‘taboo’ with it so why does our society fuss over it so much?!

Please stand up for yourself and don’t feel shitty thinking about the what others will say. Logon ka kaam hai baatein karna! You will be the talk of the society even if you do good, they will try to bring you down some way or another. Think about yourself, your life and YOU! Get out of broken relationships.

There is nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about it thinking that you weren’t good enough. Trust me, YOU ARE and you deserve better. Find HAPPINESS. We only have one life.

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