Dear Daughter! I Want You To Be Everything For Yourself

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As my husband and I finally sat down on the couch after two days of “hyper activity” that usually marks our weekends as parents to three kids, he asked me a rather unpredictable question – for that hour at least! What do you think our kids would want to be when they grow up?

A hundred replies came swarming into my tired thoughts. I knew my eldest son of 6 years changed his aim in life seven times a day. The one younger to him promises to be so headstrong that I doubt he’d be looking to parents for any career advice, but never – not for a single moment – did my heart and mind debate as to what I would want my two year old daughter to be. I knew from the very first moment I held her in my arms…

I wanted her to be EVERYTHING.

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Most of you must have let out a chuckle on reading my revelation but could not have been half as loud as my husband’s laughter fit!

So let me explain to you like I did to him.

I want my little girl not to HAVE everything in life; I want her to BE everything for her and herself alone.

I want her to be strong and smart while being charming and courteous. I want to give her the confidence to put herself out in the world with her head held high but also be a reflection of noble values.

I want my baby girl to learn to swim, ride, and drive – I want her to learn to understand nature and value her surroundings and make sure she knows how valuable her own presence is, how significant her part. I want her to seek the power of opinion, have her own ideals and goals.

I want her magic to be so mesmerizing that charms every single life she touches… I want to raise her like a fairy with beautiful bright wings. Helpful, understanding and considerate. Someone’s beautiful dream…someone’s most invaluable possession.


Source: Dawn Newspaper

How do I intend to make that happen? By empowering her with not only education, but by exposing her to a world of limitless knowledge.

By making books her best friend and by helping her see the world – with lots and lots of travelling! We need to instill in our daughters the belief that there is nothing in the world they can’t achieve. They need to know they can do absolutely anything when THEY set their minds to it. If they are to be professionals, they will always be shining achievers and if they are to be home makers, they would be the most wonderful and sensible ones. We need to give to them the roots of understanding, compassion and care, but most of all, we have to let them fly.

Fly free and fly high. Let our fairies reach all the heights and never ever cut their wings… fairies without wings lose all the magic!

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