This Heartfelt Note Written By A Married Girl To Her Father Will Make You Cry

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Dear daddy,

Thank you for looking after me so well, and making me who I’m today, you’ve always been my Superman.

I know you think about me at least thrice a day and wonder if your decision of getting me married to my husband was good, if he treats me like you always do. Daddy, he’s just like you. He likes perfect food with perfect ingredients and doesn’t like Chinese and I remember you don’t like Chinese as well. His cup of tea has to be very perfect, strong and no excessive drop of milk and this reminds me of how I used to get scared of making your tea.

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Daddy, your scent lingers on your clothes when you hang them in your cupboard like his scent does and he uses the same perfume which makes me realize more that I see you in him.

And when we go out he asks me if I want anything, like you always do. I smile, hold my tears back and say no. I don’t know why I get a little hesitated for no reason. Maybe because he’s not you even though he’s just like you.

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And when some little boy brings flower garlands, he instantly buys one for me like you do. Both of you know how much I cherish them. I wait for Tuesdays so that I can be your little girl, smell your perfume and sleep in your room beside mommy.

Dear daddy, I know you adore me and I remember how you had cried when I was about to sign the marriage papers. It was hard for you. And on the wedding day, you held your tears back and gave your precious little girl to him. I saw your tears and felt your pain. You were happy and sad at the same time.

And when it was time to change my name on my CNIC, I felt like I was about to change my identity. Daddy, even though I’m married and I don’t talk to you every day, I miss your warm hugs and soft smiles. I know you’ll still protect me from all the dangers and also lizards! Even cockroaches, you know how much I hated them.

Dear daddy. I know.. I know I would still run to you when I face any problem because you’re my hero and you’ve always been one. Dear daddy, I know I can’t thank you for what you’ve done for me and what you still do but my dear daddy, I will still try.

Your youngest daughter.

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