This Girl's Letter To Her Best-Friend Shows That Guys And Girls

This Girl’s Letter To Her Best-Friend Shows That Guys And Girls Don’t Always Have To Fall In Love

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Dear Best Friend,

I never thought I would have to talk to you through a letter that might never reach your doorstep but I have developed a bad habit of sharing everything with you so, here I am to share a sad leaf of my life-story with you. You are the person who knows exactly what kind of a person I am and I know you know this really well that I am a bubbly, talkative and world’s stupidest person alive on this planet.

You know the corner of my heart where I hide all the beauty and you’ve seen what a mess I become when I’m angry. You are familiar with every emotion of mine and sometimes I even wonder if I know myself as much as you do. I still remember the first time we met, do you?

Do you remember the time we ran after each other on your birthday to throw cream on each other? My stomach still hurts while laughing when I recall how you were looking all covered in cream. I hope you remember the time when we had a long walk to my place just because of a nonsense dare and next day our legs were hurting so bad, but we never accepted that because it was a dare.

I know you can never forget the day you stole gulab jamun from my plate and I was so angry at you. I had always enjoyed riding on your bike and talking at the highest of my volume. And how can you even forget the silly times when we fought because of a misunderstanding and then patched up again because we had a lot of secrets to share (I was the one to say sorry most of the times, though).

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I know none of us will ever forget the times when one of us was low and the other used to lend a hand to end the misery. And yes, our late night gossips and critiques about the whole world starting from corridor details of university to future roaming plans, from hard assignments to praying for a C grade, sharing favorite quotes to sharing pictures of our crushes, from the crazy jokes to serious reality world matters and taunting each other for being forever alone and then laughing out loud realizing both of us are equal here.

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Beloved friend, I have always been a person who is used to of traveling against the waves of this busy world. You warned me every single moment that it will hurt me, but I smiled back at you because deep down I knew whenever this world will break me you’ll be there to pick my pieces up and will place them back with love, care and a lot of scolding.

And there came incidents when I got myself broken into gazillion pieces and gave up on myself but there you were, looking at me with anger and telling me I can go on, I have to and I will. I never got the chance to say thank you for all those times. Our world has a weird concept that a guy and a girl can never be friends and there we were; THE BEST OF FRIENDS.

I was so glad that I was right to believe that girl and guy can be besties but how can it be? I had to be wrong because the world had to win – it had to be the ultimate truth teller. I never could understand how one day this community made you feel that there are limits set for relationship a guy and girl can have and I know you went through the list and did not find the word FRIENDS anywhere, I know you would’ve checked again and would’ve found no change and I know you would’ve tried to write it there but I guess the pen was in the hand of our so-called society who sets the rules.

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I know how hard it would’ve been for you to hear people utter ill of our sacred relationship but nothing was in your hands. I know your stomach would’ve hurt badly because of all the gossips you had to keep inside and I know a part of you died every day since that day, but I don’t blame you for that.

Don’t worry this time your childish friend will take care of it as it’s my time to fulfill the promise we did to stand for each other’s best. In the end, I just want you to know I have always loved you like a best friend loves a best friend, a sibling loves other sibling and always will love you in the same way. I will always believe that A GUY AND A GIRL CAN BE BESTIES and will wait for the time world agrees to this and you come back to me.

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