Deaf & Mute Girl Kills Mother For Disapproving Her Relationship With A Boy

deaf mute girl killed mother

Bismillah Bibi, a 48-year-old woman, was found killed on August 22 at her home in Iqbal Town Lahore. Mysteriously, her 20-year-old daughter, Fajar, had been missing since then. The police registered a case and launched an investigation into the murder. It is certain that the deaf and mute girl had killed her mother.

Initially, it was reported that the daughter was not at their house on the night of the murder. However, according to the details, the police obtained CCTV footage of the daughter leaving her house on a motorcycle with a man after she may have killed her mother. In the video, both can be seen fleeing in a hurry.

A Deaf & Mute Girl Confesses To Killing Her Mother
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Moreover, the investigations into the murder case later revealed that her own daughter killed Bibi with the help of her lover during the escape from home.

In addition to this, police in Lahore conducted an operation in which it was found out that the daughter was the killer of her own mother.

The deaf and mute daughter confessed to killing her own mother

Acting on a tip-off, the police took the couple into custody on suspicion. The suspect, Fajar, reportedly confessed to the killing.

It is to be noted that she is unable to hear or speak. More so, she reportedly gave a statement in sign language. Deaf and mute girl, Fajar, said she hit her mother’s head with a hammer, stabbed her in the stomach, choked and killed her.

A Deaf & Mute Girl Confesses To Killing Her Mother
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As it turns out, the man she escaped with is named Azeem who she wanted to marry. He too is unable to speak or hear. Moreover, he told the police in sign language that the suspect and he were in a relationship. However, Bibi did not approve of it.

During the initial interrogation, the couple confessed to their crime. Police said Fajar and Azeem were studying in the same school and wanted to get married.

On the day of the incident, the accused Fajar made a video call to Azeem and asked him to come to her home.  A police official said she killed her mother when she was attempting to run away from home and her mother was not letting her. She later fled after the murder.

In her confessional statement to the police, hearing, and speech impaired girl, Fajar told the police that she wanted to marry Azeem but her mother was opposing the marriage. Fajar said they both killed her mother.

According to the details, a challan had been prepared, in light of the confessions. On Thursday, the Lahore police arrested the 20-year-old girl for the murder of her mother.

Murder cases have been surging in Pakistan. Just last month, a mentally unstable man stabbed 11 members of his own family to death including children. Before that, a 16-year-old girl killed her own father for physically abusing her mother and siblings in Lahore.

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