Alert Horrifying Visuals! Multiple Dead Bodies Found On The Rooftop Of Multan’s Nishtar Hospital

Nishtar Hospital dead bodies

Nothing can be more dreadful than what happened in Multan. A bunch of dead bodies was found on the rooftop of the Nishtar Hospital in Multan and it’s heartbreaking in every manner.

It’s one of the most popular hospitals in Multan and it’s hard to watch the dead bodies lying on the rooftop. Some of them were eaten by the eagles and thrown in front of donkeys.

Source: The News International

It all came public when Adviser to the Chief Minister Chaudhry Zaman Gujjar visited the hospital and found several putrefied bodies on the roof of the dead house

He immediately ordered the cremation of the abandoned bodies and also told the health authorities to take legal action against those who are involved in this.

Dead Bodies Found On the Roof Top Of Nishtar Hospital

It is a shocking incident to witness, where several unidentified and putrefied bodies were found on the roof of Nishtar Hospital, which is a teaching hospital of Nishtar Medical University in Multan.

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The Punjab government has officially made a six-member committee to investigate the incident after disturbing videos and pictures of rotten bodies were shared on social media.

Former federal minister Moonis Elahi shared an update on the incident on Twitter, attaching the initial response of the head of the department of Nishtar Medical University’s anatomy department.

The Head of the Department released his statement, “these are the unidentified bodies handed over by the police to them for post-mortem and “if required” to be used for teaching purposes for MBBS students.”

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He further stated that “these bodies were in such bad condition that they could not be used for teaching purposes as well and so after the process of complete putrefaction, the bones are retrieved for medical students. “

The HOD was clear that there is “no issue of disrespect” regarding the bodies and that after retrieval of bones, the bodies are “always” buried properly, suggesting it is a routine practice at the hospital.

Why They Were On The Roof?

The sources told the news outlets that, the majority of the freezers in the hospital’s cold room — which had a capacity of 40 bodies — have been nonfunctional for many years, and only one of the five freezers is operational.

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The sources said that now, only seven to eight bodies could be kept in the cold room as four freezers were not functioning, and given the hospital’s situation, two rooms above the cold room are full of bodies.

Tip From Whistleblower

Adviser to Chief Minister Punjab Tariq Zaman Gujjar said that the whistleblower gave him the tip about the dead bodies on the rooftop.

“I was on a visit in Nishtar Hospital when a man approached me and said if you want to do a good deed then go the morgue and check it out,” Gujjar said.

Source: The Current

He said when he reached there the staff wasn’t ready to open the doors of the mortuary. “To this, I said if you don’t open it right now, I am going to file an FIR against you,” Gujjar added.

He said when the morgue was finally opened and they stepped in only to find at least 200 bodies lying around. “All the decomposing bodies [of both men and women] were bare. Even women’s bodies weren’t covered.”

Do check out the horrifying visual of the rooftop of the Nishtar Hospital.

Dead bodies are not even safe in this country, just like two years back a man used to have sexual desires for female dead bodies and he told them in a detailed manner.

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