Punjab Police Arrest Culprits Who Killed Rapper Ghani Tiger’s Father

justice for dawood butt

Pakistani TikToker and rapper Ghani Tiger demand justice for his father Dawood Butt, who was brutally murdered yesterday. Taking to social media, Ghani shared a video message in which he described a detailed account of the unfortunate event in which his father was killed, and his brother was shot.

However, after the video went viral, the Punjab police took immediate action against the culprits. They claimed to have arrested three culprits involved in the incident. However, further inquiry was underway in the case.

City goons killed Dawood Butt

The incident occurred in the town of Pasrur near Sialkot, from where the TikTok star hails. Ghani said people came to his house holding rods and pistols and brutally beat his father and his brother who was now in a hospital.

He also accused his city’s organization of ATI Pasrur and named the culprits involved. According to Ghani, almost 50 to 60 people beat up his father when there was no one there from his family. He pleaded Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the incident. Ghani said he would not remain silent until his appeal was heard among the highest official ranks.

So this young guy had a fight with some boy and next day goons from the other party came and shot dead his father and shot fired his brother on leg …It really hurts me that during the month of ramadan we still cant control our anger and kill some innocent people just to satisfy our egos and show our power.#JusticeForDaudButt

Gepostet von Pendu Production am Sonntag, 3. Mai 2020

Twitter shocked and sad over the happening

Moreover, #JusticeforDawoodButt has been trending on Twitter. People are showing sympathies as well as seeking justice for the deceased.

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In this society, it has become a common practice that people kill others just on some petty issues. The value of a life is nothing today and humanity is lost. Also, if the government doesn’t provide justice to the people suffering, incidents like this will continue happening. There were many Dawood Butts’ in the past and always will be. The government must set an example.


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