‘You’ll Be Blown Away’ – David Harbour On Stranger Things Season 4 Vol.2 Finale

Youngsters and TV Show enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the season finale of Stranger Things. This time,  Stranger Things was released in two volumes, as vol.1 has been released and people have gone crazy as it finished on an edge of truth. 

The latest trailer was released and everyone cannot wait for the season finale of Stranger Things because vol.2 will unfold so many questions and that’s what makes people crazy. 


One of the cast members of the TV Show, David Harbour has a clear message: “You’ll be blown away.”

Not only that he released some profound statements related to the season finale and it might horrify the viewers out there. 

David Harbour on Stranger Things season finale 

The beautiful, thrilling sci-fi drama set in the early 1980s, returned last month with its first volume left its viewers’ mouths wide open. David Harbour one of the main characters in the show released messages for the fans out there. 


“If you’ve enjoyed season four up until this point, get ready because the (last two episodes) are the best thing that makes what you’ve seen look like chump change compared to it,” Harbour, who plays fan-favorite character Hopper, told the Reuters. 

“It’s a masterpiece, it’s beautiful, it’s epic… but it’s also on a scale and a scope that almost gets silly and it’s like wondrous, almost manga-esque… You’re going to be blown away.”


David further said, “It’s a zeitgeist. I’ve never been a part of anything like this but it has been seven years of this, so I’ve gotten used to what it means and my place in it,” he said.

Source: Yahoo

“It’s gratifying to be a part of something that’s touched…so many young people…I always thought I’d maybe have some career in art films that would maybe appeal to old people and suddenly…I can’t walk past a middle school without being harassed so it’s an extraordinary thing for me to be a part of.”

It’s been almost a month and still, the vol.1 of Stranger Things stand tall on Netflix’s English TV List with 102.26 million hours viewed. 

Source: CinemaBlend

The season finale vol.2 is all set to be released on July 1st and it has two episodes which are going to be two hours long. 

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