David Beckham Hands Over His Instagram Account To Doctor In Ukraine

David Beckham

Former England soccer captain David Beckham handed over his Instagram account on Sunday to a doctor helping women give birth in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Beckham, the 46-year-old former Manchester United, and Real Madrid midfielder and current co-owner of American Major League Soccer team Inter Miami, told his 71.6 million Instagram followers to look at his profile to see the work of Irina, a child anesthesiologist, and her team amid the conflict.

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Beckham, a goodwill ambassador for United Nations children’s agency UNICEF, posted a video message on Instagram. He called on his followers to support the organization’s work in Ukraine.

“Today I am handing over my social channels to Iryna, the Head of the Regional Perinatal Centre in Kharkiv, Ukraine where she is helping mothers give birth,” read the caption of the post.

“Head over to my story highlights to learn more about the amazing work Iryna and health workers like her are doing to save lives in Ukraine,” it added. “Please give what you can to support UNICEF and people like Iryna using the donation link in my bio.”

Kharkiv has been hit by a barrage of Russian strikes that have destroyed many buildings since Moscow launched what it calls a “special operation” in Ukraine last month.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the operation is aimed at disarming Ukraine and rooting out dangerous nationalists. Western nations call it an aggressive war of choice and have imposed punishing sanctions aimed at crippling Russia’s economy.

Evacuation of pregnant women and mothers

Irina, head of the Regional Perinatal Centre, posted videos of a basement where she said pregnant women and mothers were evacuated on the first day of Russia’s invasion. She also shared images of newborn babies dependent on oxygen generators, which were donated by UNICEF.

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“The first days were the most difficult. We had to learn how to work with bombings and strikes,” she said. “And we are probably risking our lives, but we do not think about it at all. We love our work.”

One of Irina’s videos showed a woman called Yana cradling her baby son Mykhailo. He was born on the second day of the war with breathing problems. Irina said Mykhailo was now better but the family’s home had been destroyed. “Doctors and nurses here, we worry, we cry, but none of us will give up,” Irina said.

Meanwhile, Pakistan abstained during voting in the United Nations General Assembly on a resolution calling on Russia to end the war. During the weekly media briefing, FO spokesperson Asim Iftikhar defended the government’s position on the Russian-Ukraine war.

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