This Daughter’s Tribute To Her Father Who Passed Away Due To Cancer Will Leave You In Tears

This Daughter's Tribute To Her Father Who Passed Away Due To Cancer Will Leave You In Tears


Every life entails a special story. Every human being has something special to offer. Some people are a treasure for the world because their efforts make a big difference in changing someone’s life. It is only when such people part away from this world, you realize that the world suffers from a deficit. This can be seen the way a daughter wrote a tribute to her late father.

Cancer, a nemesis looming large in taking people’s lives. It is one fatal disease that has stolen so many credible people from the earth. Victims continue to fight but for some, it narrows down to the battle of fate.

We all wish somehow the disease cancer could be wiped off from the face of the earth. We know we have lost so many loved ones and see others battling for their lives due to cancer.

Source: Pesticide Action Network

Source: Pesticide Action Network

Unfortunately, when you lose a loved one, you realize the catastrophe, the void created in your life by their absence especially when it is your very own parents. You cannot help but recall your close relationship, revise the memories you made of your time with them; it all becomes a kaleidoscopic rupture in your mind.

We came across a Facebook post by the daughter of the famous Pakistani motivational trainer and speaker, Ramiz Allawala after he passed away from cancer.

Read as she writes a heartwarming tribute that is really a tear jerker:

I always said I honestly don’t know what I would do without you two, but now I have to learn to live without one of you. My Papa fought the fight of his life and I find it so unfair the way his life is coming to an end. He truly is the strongest man I know, and he will find his peace soon. There’s nothing harder than to watch my father, my hero, my mentor, my best friend, my world suffers from the most excruciating pain, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do. I have never felt so powerless in my life.

I lay with my Papa, stroke his hair, rub his back, stare into those big brown lifeless eyes and all I can do is cry my heart out. I’ve never experienced pain like this, and I can only imagine the pain he’s felt watching us see him suffer. He always said to me he would never go out the way he is going out now, but what is there to do?

My strength is weakening. My Papa’s last conscious words to me were that he was crushed, and I told him not to be, and to be brave and allow himself to let go. Everyone has been so kind, so many prayers, visitors, love, and support but still, my heart aches and my mind is exhausted. I can’t even begin to imagine returning home to Minnesota without him.

Ramiz Allawala, it’s been the greatest honor to be your daughter, you have taught me everything, especially how to be a successful young lady and I hope God gives me the strength to continue living on without you. I love you so much, my Papa. I find peace writing this as I lay next to your beautiful self, even cancer couldn’t take your handsome looks away from you.

The hardest part of all, I talk to you and you don’t respond to me. My heart is broken, and I know this is a part of life but I’m not ready to let you go and yet I’m forced to. I love you so much.

It takes the breath away. Can you surmise the beautiful relationship this daughter had with her father?

He was indeed a great man and it is unfortunate that he just passed away after losing the battle to cancer.

Previously in February, Ramiz Allawala wrote a post giving an update on his condition and showing gratitude to his well-wishers – what a man he was!

To all my loved ones. Thank you so much for your concern, empathy and outpouring of love and prayers. you gave Karen, our children and myself continued hope and assurance which we we have embraced with great gratitude.

Here’s a quick update:

Life’s going great, Alhamdolillah (by God’s Grace). Just got back from Mayo Clinic, after 3 days of testing and five conferences. Results show about 14 + lesions on the liver which is the now the main focus. They’re going for aggressive treatment. That includes the whole smash of chemo cocktails and surgery after shrinking the lesions. The cancer board at Mayo Clinic comprising of about thirty or so specialists agreed to take this case and Insha’Allah (God Willing) will be discussing my case bi monthly. (Another wish granted: I wanted my disease to increase mankind’s knowledge.)

Planning to start chemo next Wednesday after a liver biopsy on Tuesday. The first biopsy in the colon came out with stage 4 malignancy.

Also, met three Mayo Clinic specialist surgeons who will be following this case to decide on surgery after chemo shrinks the tumor and the lesions. But surgery some months away, perhaps after 3 – 4 chemo cycles depending on the shrinkage and my health at that time. Each chemo cycle planned for every two weeks and initially will be administered at Mayo in Rochester.

Later, once tolerance had been established then Northfield Hospital may do the chemo infusion. May require two surgeries: one, colon and two, liver. Or they may go in in tandem and two surgeons work simultaneously on the liver and the colon.

So all good here. Keep those prayers, phone calls and messages coming. I can feel all those loving hands gently holding us up and pushing us forward.

We’re in great spirits and busy having fun spreading good cheer wherever we can.

Looking forward to a new adventure in life. Have a super duper weekend and if you’re in the neighborhood, drop in any time. We’re up for great company.

With tons and tons of love in my heart for each of you reading this.

I’m embracing you all back with my prayers for happiness for each of you.


We are deeply saddened and pass our sincerest condolences to the family’s loss. May God bless Mr. Ramiz Allawala with eternal peace and prosperity in the life hereafter and grant peace and strength to the family upon their loss.

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