Mother Selling Street Food For Her 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Operation Needs Your Help

Mother sells Channa Chawaal On Streets, Saving Money For Disabled Daughter's Operation

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” Rudyard Kipling. Mothers truly are a blessing from the Almighty. They go to great lengths to provide comfort and happiness for their families.

Every other day we see and hear stories of such great mothers who battle all odds in order to provide the best for their offsprings.

Similarly, a mother hailing from Rawalpindi has just shown the world what mothers are truly made off.

Nabila Bibi sells Channa Chawaal on the streets of Rawalpindi for her 5-year-old daughter who is unable to speak.

While giving an interview to Urdu News, Nabila said that she has been selling food on the streets to save money for her 5-year-old daughter who is unable to speak.

Image: Urdu News

According to the doctors, her daughter needs an operation that would cost around 20 to 25 lakhs.

“I am not ashamed of what I do, I am earning an honest living & providing for my family.”

“My daughter needs medical care which I am unable to afford. As recommended by the doctors we had a device inserted near her ear to help her speak which cost around 4,5 Lakhs, but unfortunately, that didn’t work.”

Everyday Nabila wakes up early in the morning and prepares food to sell, She then brings all the things to her spot on a rickshaw.

“This is a difficult task, the rickshaw’s fare costs me a lot of money, my daughter is with my mother while I sell food on the streets all day.”

Due to lockdown, the average sale has gone down but public transport drivers and others stop by for some food. As the food is good and cheap.

Image: Urdu News

“I live in a rented one-room house. That alone costs me around 15,000 a month.”

Nonetheless, Nabila says she is happy and content in what she does. I am working hard to earn an honest living. At the end of the day when I go hope I am at ease.

Twitter lauds the brave mother

Twitterati lauds the brave mother and her dedication to earn an honest living.

Watch the complete video here:

People everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. COVID-19’s lockdown has made a lasting impact on many hard-working families.

Recently, an Afghan family was found selling aloo Paratha on the streets for their livelihood.

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