Proud Daughter Of A Pakistani Driver Makes It To Foreign Service After Clearing CSS

CSS Christian Minority

The Central Superior Services (CSS) is Pakistan’s most respected field of work. Becoming a bureaucrat is a dream for many. Some clear it easily while others end up with nothing in their hands.

The daughter of a Pakistani Christian driver, Rabil Kennedy has also broken all the socio-economic barriers. She has cleared the CSS exams for 2019. In addition, she also made it to the Foreign Service of Pakistan and has been employed in the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR).

This girl is Rabil Kennedy and John Kennedy is her father. In fact, she has also set an example for every single minority person in the country that anything is possible if you give it your best.


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This is one of those things that you do not get to hear every other day. The CSS exams just announced the much-anticipated results of 2019.

John Kennedy is a driver in the Legal Wing of the FBR. But now, he is also a proud father.

A moment of national pride!

In a country where the minority groups face discriminatory behavior, this news has become viral on the Internet. People within the country, and even outside the country are congratulating Rabil and her family on her accomplishment.

Moreover, this news of a driver’s daughter clearing the CSS exams has restored our hope that merit still has some ascendancy in this country.

Rabil is all set to join the Foreign Services of Pakistan. It is a true moment of national pride. Moments like these are baby steps towards making up for all the times that non-Muslim minorities were discriminated against.

Additionally, we always witnessed condemnable and disgraceful adverts listing sanitary jobs for these minorities. Now we finally see a silver lining here! The fact that Rabil comes from a minority community has intensified this moment of national pride.

The Revenue Division of the FBR, where Rabil’s father works have also commemorated this accomplishment by sending a letter congratulating their employee.

In fact, this year has brought two success stories of CSS exams. With Rabil being the daughter of a driver, there is one more person who broke the socio-economic shackles. Zuhaib Ali, the son of a mechanic also cleared CSS exams and is now a bureaucrat. Both these stories surely give us some hope!

Keeping in mind that only 2.56 percent of the candidates cleared the exam, this is a huge achievement for both of them. We wish best of luck to all the candidates that will be appearing for the CSS exam 2020. May you be the next success story!


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