Mother Leaves Daughter In Shelter Home After Nana Refused To Keep Her

Mother Leaves Daughter In Shelter Home After Nana Refused To Keep The Minor

Shelter homes in Pakistan are a beacon of hope for those who have nowhere to go. It stands as a sanctuary for orphans and people who have else left in the world. But what is it for a six-year-old minor who just lost her father and her mother just left her there?

In the fast-paced world of today, where people’s concerns are technological advancements and future discoveries. It is truly unfortunate to know that there are some who are still stuck in their mediocrity and narrowmindedness.

A heartbreaking story of a helpless mother

Sarim Burney, the owner of Sarim Burney Trust, narrates a heartbreaking story where a mother came to leave her minor daughter in their hands just because of societal pressure.

Burney, in a video, tells the tale of a poor mother who had no other option but to leave her beloved daughter behind. “Today is a sad day for us as a nation. A woman was forced to give away her daughter. The young girl’s Nana refused to shelter the minor after her father passed away.”

The woman said, “Because I had a love marriage, my father is not willing to provide shelter for his orphan granddaughter”.

Burney said that he pleaded the woman to take her daughter with her and even offered to pay for the poor soul’s expenses, but the woman said, “My father won’t let me keep her as he never approved of my marriage.”

Burney with teary eyes asked the nation, “Don’t we then deserve these natures’ inflicted curses upon us?”.

Abandoned Children | Sarim Burney Trust

سگی ماں اپنی چھوٹی بچی کو صارم برنی ٹرسٹ میں کیوں چھوڑ کر گئی؟ وجہ جانئے، سوچئے، احساس پیدا کریں اور ویڈیودوسروں سے شئیر کیجئے۔

Gepostet von Sarim Burney Trust International am Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2020

Further, he added that his organization has had a lot of similar cases like this one. Among all, this torture of separating a mother from her young daughter, that too by her own grandfather is the lowest the society can go.

How much longer are we going to suppress women for things which are out of their hands? A daughter born is a blessing according to Allah, sadly many are deprived of such God sent gifts. There are lots of examples where Pakistani daughters have made the nation and their parents proud.


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