16-Year-Old Girl In Lahore Kills Father For Physically Abusing Mother & Siblings

saira kills father

Pakistan ranks as the most dangerous country in the world for women, with cases of sexual crimes and domestic violence. Activists blame society’s patriarchal attitudes for this. It’s not a secret that domestic abuse is rife in our society where women are expected to endure bad marriages or even brutality to respect their family’s honor.

This culture of silence discourages survivors from coming forward and sometimes encourage them to commit grave sins. Recently we have come across a similar heart-wrenching story where a daughter killed her father after facing continuous domestic abuse.

Saira’s mother seems OK with her husband’s killing

16-year-old Saira hails from a small town of Lahore. She killed her father with the help of his 18-year-old cousin Moazzam. She is said to be romantically involved with him as well. Initially, there were reports that she killed her father because he was against her relationship with Moazzam.

But, in a recent interview with Daily Pakistan, she revealed that her father used to beat her mother and other siblings for no reason. Apparently, her mother also seems fine with her husband’s killing.

Both the mother and daughter along with Moazzam are in police custody now and have admitted to their crime. Though they said they regret getting into a heinous crime but are pretty convinced that they did the right thing.

“He used to beat us for no good reason. He was going to drop his second wife to their home when I gave Moazzam his pistol and he killed him,” said Saira.

“Did your hands shiver before killing him?” asked the host. “My father’s hands never shivered while beating us,” she replied in a casual tone. She even said that she never thought about the aftermath of the crime otherwise she wouldn’t have taken this drastic step.

Moazzam who actually killed the man said Saira and her family were tired of facing continuous abuse by him that’s why he killed him.

16 sala larki ne apnay baap ko qatal karwa dia, aitraf e jurm b kar lia

16 sala larki ne apnay baap ko qatal karwa dia, aitraf e jurm b kar lia

Gepostet von Daily Pakistan am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2020

Nothing justifies killing

Every day, on any given news site, you will see multiple stories about violence against women, men and children. The prevalence of killings for several reasons in the country can be fairly described as an epidemic. But, still, nothing justifies killing anyone.

There are laws and regulations in the country to deal with domestic abuse. We understand that in a country like Pakistan justice is not served easily but taking law in your own hands is not a solution to any problem.

We are so disappointed with our young generation who don’t think about their future or respect. Some are committing suicide because they aren’t given permission to get married. While many are taking their lives just for fun.

Every single life is precious and we should realize this and teach our children the same.


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