“She’s Such a Good Daughter! It’s Almost as if She were a Son”…

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Wait a minute. What! Why? Why can’t we just be good daughters? What exactly makes ‘sons’ better? Their muscularity? Or because of their ability to carry the family name? Or maybe their genes make them superior? What makes you judge how good I am in comparison to a son? how can you be so sure your son could be half as good as I am just because he has a Y chromosome?

Thank you for stopping the insanely inhuman practice of burying us alive (well in most places anyway). But now that we are alive, how about you let us live? Live without the constant shame of not being born as a son, live without the aim of being able to be as good as a son. How does one even achieve that? Or aim up to be that?


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Stop coming to our mothers and praying that they had a son. Us, daughters, are perfectly capable of taking care of our parents; maybe even better than your son can ever do. Stop calling us to tell us how sorry you are when a beautiful little sister was born in our house. Your feeling sorry just shows how small the capacity of your mind is.

We, on the other hand, are perfectly content with this precious gift of God. Who says we can not provide economic, social and cultural security for the parents that gave us everything? What kind of people even think it’s wrong for a daughter to support her parents? When they are the ones that made her capable in the first place.


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Why do you keep forgetting the only children that survived of our beloved Prophet (s.a.w) PBUH were daughters. Is there, or ever will be, any man that could be half as good as him? Will there ever be a Woman more respected than his wives or his daughters? Then, how does having a son become the criteria to judge a man or a woman, or the kind of life they will lead?

Family names will all eventually die off anyway, along with all other family possessions that should be passed on to sons, only. This is long overdue. This has got to stop. I’m 21-years-old and sick and tired of hearing the phrase “oho bhai nahi hai koi?” We are done being made to feel guilty for being daughters.

We love our parents more than any son ever could.

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