Dastan-e-Shayar’s First Episode on Mirza Ghalib is Out And People Are Loving It

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Dastan-e-Shayar, a literacy project started by YouTube channel Communita Pakistan aims to promote Urdu literature and prose. They are web series based on life and work of Urdu poets so that the young generation gets to know about them.

The first episode on Mirza Ghalib features poet Ahmed Ayhan Moosa, he narrates the Dastan-e-Ghalib in the best possible way. It was so well received that many fan pages of Mirza Ghalib shared the video praising his style of quoting asha’ars. Ahmed was introduced to Ghalib by his father at the age of 3 when he first watched Ghalib TV series and later started reading Ghalib’s Shayari.

He says every person follows a rule book and I live by rules based on ashaars of Mirza Ghalib which contain the element of commitment and consistency. Ahmed says “Ghalib used to see everything in 3D back in the time, whereas we are still viewing in 2D”.

Source: YouTube

He quotes a shair, explaining the importance of commitment in friendship and for that, you should definitely watch Ahmed Ayhan explaining the exposition behind this shair, it will definitely make you go WHOA!

Yeh kahan ki dosti hai ke banne hain dost naseh

Koi charasaz hota, koi gum-gusar hota”

The episode gives insights on Ghalib’s style of writing, attitude and how his Shayari is still relevant for this modern generation. We understand our emotions but we cant always express them, in this situation poetry serves as a bridge to convey our emotions, feelings, and thoughts in a manner that engages us with others and that is what a poet does. So, basically, the Dastan-e-Shayar is the Dastan of all of us.

The next episode of Dastan-e-Shayar will be on Jaun Elia, the most favorite and read poet of the younger generation. If you want to become a part of this project simply email to team.communita@gmail.com. Your feedback is also appreciated.

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