“Dark Knight Begins!”-Walkthrough To The Batman Animated Movies

Dc universe the world where you might found some of the iconic characters, that every DC fan highly indulged in it and spend hours watching their animated series.

Since every kid growing up figured out about Batman and Superman. Although today’s generation doesn’t much aware of the DC universe which is considered the darkest and intense one with the highly classic villains.

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For the DC fan, the villains play an important role, because unlike Marvel DC got numerous amount of villains that have showcased their true colors.

Just like Joker the legend of villains, that no one can miss out on his style, way of talking, and most important his laugh.

No doubt, not every DC film worked well on cinemas except Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. Recently Justice League Returned with its original form and known to the world as Snyder Cut.

This movie has risen all the DC fans again and showed to the world that DC is still alive. Because whether it’s Man of Steel or Batman vs Superman such movies didn’t produce such an impact on the fans and no even Suicide Squad which highly gone down towards the disappointment chain.

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Because of the Studio’s pressure, Zack had to restrain himself from directing the true side of the story and therefore people demand for the Snyder Cut.

DC animated movies and series provide the legit authentic drama of this unique world.

DC animated movies fully connected with the comics and it’s an ultimate guideline for any new individual who wants to know about DC Universe.

Ultimate Route Towards The DC Universe:

Instead of taking overall, it would be better to understand the brief of it with the Batman animated movies.

Indeed, Marvel’s hold the command over the film area, but DC overrule them when it comes to animated movies or series. The order set as per the Batman animated movies.

Batman: Year One:

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If anyone of you looking for a deep interest in Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman with a realistic background story that is based on comics.

Batman: Year One considered it as the first step towards the world of the bat world. That’s what every DC or Batman fan needs to know about the background story.

Batman: Under The Red Hood:

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Just imagine a new villain rises in Gotham City, who knows every move of Batman and increases the chaos in the city.

None other than Red Hood. Although the movie started with the dramatic Joker beating up Robin brutally and Batman couldn’t be able to save.

Batman: Assault on Arkham:

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You may have watched Suicide Squad, but people complained about the ending, fewer Joker scenes, and doesn’t fulfill the main idea of it.

Then Batman: Assault on Arkham the best way to understand the whole background story of the suicide squad build-up and each character’s background story. Even there’s very much involvement of the Joker as well. More importantly, it fulfills the main idea of Suicide Squad as well.

Batman: Gotham Knight:

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This piece of the class set in the Nolanverse. Yes, NolanVerse created a high intensity of the batman series. The set of pieces takes you between Batman begins and Batman Dark knight.

It holds the story of a batman’s beginner journey to the Dark Knight. It’s worth spending an animated movie, because of the characters you might witness and most important a journey to the DARK KNIGHT.

Batman: Dark Knight Returns:

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Just mentioned the dark knight in the above-animated batman movie. Have you ever thought of Batman being retiring from the chaotic Gotham City and spending calm life?

That’s what not batman lives for, the Batman: Dark Knight Returns compels the whole story about the return of Bruce Wayne after ten years to face some savage mutants who attacked the City.

This master class comic-based animated series came out in two parts, because of the long story to be covered.

Batman: The Killing Joke:

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Talking about batman and never mention his best friend above all “The Joker”.

Batman: The Killing Joke considered to be the most intense, depressing, and highly brutal comic in DC. Even the animated movie tried not to showcase such a scene, which make viewers upset.

It’s the show that takes place after the joker escapes from the prison and tries to destroy Detective Gordan’s life.

Such animated movies hold every aspect, that any comic DC fan looking for it. Only real DC fans can understand the meaning of these animated movies.

For new ones out there, who just risen after the Snyder Cut, here’s you should start watching to know about Batman and some important characters of the DC.

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