Daren Sammy Taking Peshawar Zalmis to Victory on an Injured Leg is making Pakistanis Love Him Even More!

Yesterday’s match between Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators was one of the most thrilling matches of this season’s PSL edition. In a nail-biting Pakhtoon derby yesterday, Zalmi came from behind and claimed their victory against the Gladiators. All of this was possible courtesy the captain of Zalmi, Daren Sammy!

Like a dedicated captain, Sammy did everything within his capacity to lead Zalmi with the victory. Zalmi needed 16 runs from 7 balls and the skipper made sure he played a sensational inning to give Zalmis the victory they were eyeing. The match ended with a boundary when Zalmi needed 3 runs off 3 balls, and of course, Sammy was the man to hit it!

What Made Sammy’s Performance Stand Out So Much?

Aside from how the captain took the role in leading Yellow Storm, Sammy injured his leg and despite, he continued making the hits.

The man kept his promise! <3

Pakistanis Fell in Love with Sammy Even More After his Performance Yesterday!


Played Like a Leader

People Were Comparing Sammy with Different Things And Some of Made Complete Sense




What a Player!

One of the best PSL matches so far ended with a complete drama and a fight put on by Daren Sammy, the Yellow Storm indeed showed their best performance.

Well done, Daren Sammy. We just love you even more now. <3

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