OMG! Watch This ‘Stupid’ Daredevil In Mardan Doing Push-Ups On A Moving Car


A stuntman in Par Hoti village, in the Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has been arrested for reckless stunts. He was seen doing push-ups on a moving car while driving on the main road.

Police said the stuntman had been arrested after he had his mindboggling stunts filmed, and uploaded the video clips on social media. In the video, a group of men can be seen in a moving white Toyota Corolla, sitting on the car’s windows. They cheer on the driver. as he does push-ups with one hand on the open driver’s door and the other on the roof.

A traffic police warden arrested the negligent and careless taxi driver. He has been identified as Jawad Ahmed alias Ladoo Khan, Mardan police revealed on Twitter. In addition to this, a case has been registered against the individual at the Par Hoti police station.

“Police have also seized the car,” Mardan police added in the tweet.

Here is the viral video

According to the in-charge of the Mardan Traffic Police Inspector Amjad Khan, no one was allowed to violate traffic rules. Moreover, similar action would be taken against any violators.

Those who violate traffic rules would be dealt with an iron hand, a local media outlet the inspector as saying.

As of now, it remains unclear as to why the man was motivated to perform the push-ups on a moving car, if it was a dare or stunt, and whether the man was formally charged.

The dare devilish attitude of the youth of Pakistan can stun everyone around the world. The stunts are so vacuous that they are actually not only scary but sometimes also funny.

Many years back, a video showed a rickshaw, a driver, and a few courageous friends who opted to almost risk their lives in putting up their adventurous video

In fact, not so long ago, a video was shared on social media showing a self-driving Suzuki FX on the motorway. There was clearly no one to be seen behind the steering. However, an aged man could be seen chilling in the passenger seat. So comfortable that it made us doubt if he is best friends with the ghost drive.

The clear-cut conclusion was that a ghost was driving the car. Our people are particularly gifted with the talent of defying logic. We tend to associate everything with something paranormal. Nonetheless, how about you watch the video, and draw a conclusion for yourself?

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