These Streamers On Roads Are Asking Pakistanis To Shake That A-- And We're Totally Confused Ke Hilana Kya Hai Bhai?

These Streamers On Roads Are Asking Pakistanis To Shake That A– And We’re Totally Confused Ke Hilana Kya Hai Bhai?

What is that one thing you usually look for in an advertisement? Is it an emotional attachment? Is it the value for service? Or is it that witty, slapstick double-meaning content that hits you in the face and you’re like, damn, that’s seriously good!

One of Pakistan’s most famous, definitely the largest e-commerce portal, Daraz has come up with an extremely witty, double-meaning campaign, where they are asking Pakistanis to #ShakeThat.

Along the different roads of Pakistan, Daraz has put up streamers that say: “Shake That A–” – and whoever sees the streamers, either get confused with the double-meaning pun or appreciates the well-executed advertisement.

Since the campaign went viral, people have been left confused to what exactly Daraz might be hinting at with their #ShakeThat campaign, and social media has been sent into a frenzy since the pictures erupted.

We’re pretty sure that Daraz doesn’t want people to shake their, ya know, ‘behinds’ — but the missing bit surely has created enough intrigue for people to keep watching Daraz’s social space!

This is how people have been reacting to #ShakeThat A– on the internet

This guy thinks this is not the perfect welcome for the Crown Prince… but he too can #ShakeThat A– :p

We’re pretty sure it doesn’t count as a ‘stunt’ when people take a liking to it!

This guy is definitely ready to #ShakeThat A– / ab aagay chahay woh jo bhi ho!

This is the perfect example of the ‘confusion’ we were talking about!

Amb ko shake kerke aap ne juice ‘banana’ hai bhai?

HmmmMmmm, this guy surely has an interesting idea, could it be that? Let’s wait and see!

All in all, it’s safe to say that Daraz’s #ShakeThat A– campaign has kicked-off on Twitter and people are really taking an interest in it. While some guess what the censored pun might be, others are just enjoying that marketing in Pakistan is going to the next level, finally!

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