Daraz.pk’s School Essentials Have You Sorted for School This Time!

It’s July and school/college is only a month away. It feels like summer vacations only lasted for a couple of days, right? No one wants to go back to school after relaxing for so long.

But you have to face reality. School days are almost here and you need to ready yourself for it so that you get a head start on your studies. I’m sure that parents know what a hassle it is arranging things for your kids last second, i.e. going out to buy shoes, bag packs, etc. New uniforms, new bag packs, new shoes, course books – it all calls for thorough preparation that can be problematic at some point.

This isn’t just an issue for kids at school. University students know what a pain it is to prepare for the new semester. Making sure your laptop is in good shape so you can finish all your assignments is a hassle. Even picking out a different outfit every single day for uni is hard. For girls who want school-friendly makeup and the boys who want to make sure their hair are on point, Daraz has got their backs!

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Well, you’re in luck. This year, something special is happening. Daraz is holding a Back to School Campaign!

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In anticipation of the new school year, Daraz is offering a sale on all school, college and university related items. This includes school essentials as:

  • Bags
  • Uniforms
  • Books
  • Shoes

Gone are the days when you made those long and tiring trips to the market. The rush at stores, the unavailability of some items and what not… It always drove a great deal of disappointment in you. Now you can make sure you get all the stuff you need for the new academic year at school quickly and without a hassle at all.

It even has a sale for items you would need for your universities, such as laptops, tablets, clothes and even makeup! What more could you want?

There’s no reason going back to school can’t be something to look forward to and Daraz makes it all the more possible! Looking for #AFreshStart? Get your head start on school supplies here!

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