Dar Ul Sukun – They Aren’t The Ones Who Are Disabled, We Are.

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This article was originally submitted by Bisma Shahab

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.” Roy T. Bennet

Recently I visited Dar ul Sukun, Kashmir road. A home for abandoned children with physical and intellectual disabilities; marginalized and vulnerable people who have been refused by society and from their families. In order to foster an environment of equal opportunity, I went with my class fellows and what I experienced there was opposite to what I actually thought I would experience.

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I was so excited when we were told that we would be visiting Dar ul Sukun.

I had always wanted to visit such places; to meet the people who live there, to watch how they are living there. When we were in the bus on our way to Dar ul Sukun, I kept thinking that maybe it isn’t a good idea to go and visit those underprivileged people; they might compare themselves with us and/or feel miserable and envy us. However, what I saw and felt there was beyond my imagination.

When we entered there, we saw people of all ages sitting in the courtyard; talking, playing and dancing to some music. When they saw us coming, they left whatever they were doing and came running towards us; laughing, shaking our hands and hugging us.

Unfortunately, I was unable to understand what they were trying to say but I can definitely say that they weren’t at all sad to see us; instead, they were ecstatic. Furthermore, a little girl around 6 or 7 years of age held my hand and took me to her friends and asked me to sit with them; I can’t find any words to describe her happiness.

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It was really amazing to see how the organization has been working for those people.

We took a tour of the whole place and I was really amazed to see how professional they are. They have an activity room, a small cinema, a gym, a special dark room with soothing dim lights and sound; for hyperactive kids or people having anger issues, a physiotherapy room and much more.

Moreover, the most important thing which I really liked about that place is that it was well organized and properly cleaned. They have hired well-qualified doctors, teachers, psychologists and physiotherapists for the people living there. I was so glad to see them working with such enthusiasm for needy people.

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This was mostly because living in Pakistan I had always heard bad things about such organizations; that they don’t provide good facilities, don’t take care of hygiene and treat people living there really harshly. Thus it was a mind-changing visit for me.

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This visit changed my perspective of the people there completely.

They are the kindest and purest souls I have ever met in my entire life. Money, status and material things don’t mean anything to them. Moreover, the only thing that matters to them is love, they just want love and nothing at all. It was a completely different world inside that building; that place felt like heaven on earth.

No one was greedy there, no one wanted to harm another person, and there was only love and kindness among those people. Furthermore, they know how to live together, how to help each other and how to share their belongings with others. In there, all of us were equal. After visiting that place, my life has totally changed, I have now realized the true meaning of happiness. Nonetheless, I have more sympathy and kindness toward all human beings now, I have more willingness to work for the cause of humanity and contribute to society.

I request you all to visit such a place at least once and do as much as you can for such organizations; who work for the betterment of the society.

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