Meet Daniyal, A 21 year old Founder Disrupting Fast Fashion with Smartwatches

Daniyal Naeem Zero Lifestyle

Daniyal Naeem, the 21-year-old Founder of tech wearable brand Zero Lifestyle, is a tech enthusiast who saw a gap in the market for affordable and stylish smartwatches and tech wearable accessories.

With the rise of the Gen Z population and their love for technology and fashion, Daniyal Naeem decided to launch Zero Lifestyle to cater to their needs. He believes that everyone should be able to accessorize their tech gadgets without breaking the bank. He has the advantage of understanding which brands and products speak to people his age.

In conversation, he commented: 

“Zero believes that technology should enhance people’s lives, and their accessories should reflect that. I want to build a brand that talks to people like me. It has the razor sharpness of the way our minds work and the aesthetics that create a unique fashion sensibility!” 

With the launch of Zero smartwatches online in Pakistan, fast fashion just got a new player in the game. Imagine, a tech wearable accessories brand that promises to revolutionize the way people perceive gadgetry in fashion. Launching with their flagship, smart watches, Zero seems like the new self-assured kid on the block. 

Daniyal Naeem Zero Lifestyle
Meet Daniyal, A 21 year old Founder Disrupting Fast Fashion with Smartwatches

With the plethora of options available in the market, why should you choose Zero? Firstly, it offers affordable options without compromising on quality.

Secondly, the brand’s products are fashion-forward, keeping up with the changing program. Lastly, Zero’s customer service promises to be top-notch. So essentially when you’re buying into Zero, you’re buying into a lifestyle.

All eyes are on this we feel, we’re waiting for the products to hit the online network because we will be launching Zero smart watches only on our E-commerce platform initially, so stay tuned to get into the most fashionable smart watches of town.



The Founder Daniyal Naeem:

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