Twitter Calls Out A Local University For Inviting Dananeer Mobeen As A Guest Speaker

dananeer mobeen guest speaker

All hell broke loose when Dananeer Mobeen, a social media influencer who became viral last year with a mere 10-second clip, was recently invited to a panel at the ZAB Media Festival for a discussion on The ‘Instant’ Revolution.

Mobeen was joined by popular influencer couple Patangeer, Amtul Baweja and Fahad Tariq, Ali Gul Pir, and Ali Akbar Chaudhry on stage. However, the Twittersphere seemed particularly unhappy with the Pawri girl being invited to participate in the discourse.

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Several were of the opinion that the institute should not have invited someone who gained “accidental fame” as a “motivational speaker”. The social media star was, however, invited as a panelist.

Twittersphere calls out the institute

“Dananeer got invited by SZABIST as a motivational speaker? This represents the declining standards of not only our society but the educational institutions as well,” a user shared.

“What precedent are they setting?” asked another user. “There are so many artists, writers, poets, and sportsmen that deserve recognition. And these people are calling bloggers for speeches? Nothing against danger. But this is teaching youth that becoming famous and rich by any means is inspirational.”

“The only motivation Dananeer can give you is about conforming to society’s beauty standards and having an accidental viral clip that is purely annoying,” a user remarked.

“No hate for Dananeer genuinely but in a country where our artists, writers, and poets are committing suicide from a lack of recognition, we do genuinely need to have a conversation about who we choose to promote. I think the hate is extremely unnecessary though.”

One also joked about how ‘difficult’ it might have been for Dananeer to explain how she made a 10-second video.

“As much as I like to think about these things positively, I cannot think how Dananeer could develop and deliver a meaningful lecture or a speech. Really questionable stuff,” chimed in another user.

Some speak out in influencer’s defence

“What’s wrong with Dananeer being invited as a motivational speaker?” a user asked. Another commented, “I don’t think motivational speakers have to be qualified enough to be so-called. Her work speaks her efforts out I guess she can be one too – netizens should stop criticizing people based on their careers at least.”

“Why are we gate-keeping who gets to call themselves an artist and who doesn’t?” asked the popular comedian SHehzad Ghias Shaikh.

“This isn’t about Dananeer even. Hundreds of people make Tiktoks and thousands of people shit on them for doing so, once we start deciding who an artist is and who isn’t. All we are doing is adding to that troll culture and destroying the dreams of all those wannabe artists.”

“Dananeer has achieved fame money appeal-a general likability. None of which is taught in educational institutions. People from the digital platform can and do relate to her. not every mot speaker needs to have PhDs and bald heads bro,” said one user.

“Dananeer was invited by SZABIST not as a motivational speaker but as a speaker for a panel called ‘The rise of digital stars’ and she is perfectly fit for that. Media students needed this panel for their future plans in media. Enough with useless criticism to degrade others,” a user clarified.

Mobeen was shot to fame after a video of her went viral in Feb last year, being recreated by several Pakistani and Bollywood stars.

It set in motion the then19-year-old Mobeen into unprecedented fame. The social media sensation has since never looked back

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