Daily Wagers Struggle To Survive During Lockdown Despite Govt’s Aid

The lethal pandemic of COVID-19 has hampered all sectors of life in Pakistan. The virus led to the lockdown of countries across the country and Pakistan’s daily wagers and poor are struggling to survive in coronavirus lockdown.
However, the government and certain segments of society are doing their best to help them. But the truth is, a majority of such people are facing hunger and are waiting for some help or a miracle.

Pakistan is the country, which is driven by Islamic cultural norms. Many people here believe in the good of the others; they are a staunch believer in the buoy up of the indigent.

Daily wagers in Pakistan and coronavirus

Source: Pakistan Economy

Since the lockdown, which started from the province of Sindh, people and the government together are ensuring the economic survival of the daily laborers.

How Pakistan is aiding its daily wagers?

On the federal level, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a relief package. Furthermore, he made the COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund-2020 to support the needy ones.

Besides, Prime Minister Imran Khan also said, “The government will provide Rs50 billion more to utility stores in the coming months.”. Moreover, the premier reserved 150 Rs billion for indigent families.

KP government

The Kyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has employed around 20,000 blue-collar workers in the development of the green sector. According to reports, every labor will be paid Rs 500 per day.

Balochistan government

According to Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal, 150 families will be provided rations in the first phase of a food supplying to the daily wagers.

Sindh government

The government of Sindh has done a remarkable job in tackling the pandemic. Besides, the government is committed to supplying ration to the blue-collar laborers on war-footings. Bilawal in a meeting on steps to aid daily wage workers said, “Sindh government should go to every needy person’s house. I will not tolerate any negligence when it comes to helping the poor.”

Presently, the government is providing rations at doorsteps.

Punjab government

The Punjab government has also established the Tiger force to provide ration and other supplies to the daily wage earners.

Common Pakistanis and their generosity

The generosity of Pakistanis is world-famous. They are known for their hospitality and charity work and amid the COVID-19 crisis, Pakistanis are doing heir best in aiding the reprived families.

Daily wagers in Pakistan and coronavirus

Source: BBC

Distribution of ration in Quetta

A man distributing ration in Quetta

Jamat-e-Islami Karachi distributing the food supplies

Despite the efforts of civil society and government, there is an unequal distribution of ration. Many laborers and, people belonging to lower-middle-class families are still waiting for the messiah to come and provide them food. Following this, certain reactions came on social media platforms.

People are concerned about PM’s ‘COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund’

Some people have serious trust issues with the PM’s cabinet

He is asking for the proof of ration supplies from the CM Balochistan

People asking for rations from the Sindh Government

Whether the government and civil society are working for the daily wagers or not, their efforts are not enough as the crisis is huge. Sadly, 24% of people in Pakistan live below the poverty line, let alone the daily wagers. The government along with the business community and welfare organizations need to take pragmatic measures to ensure the poor are not neglected during the tough time.


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