Cynthia Ritchie’s Savage Reply To Maryam Nawaz’s ‘Jali-Kuri’ Tweet Has Pakistanis Up For A Good Laugh!

Cynthia D. Ritchie is the famous American travel blogger and a Communications Consultant who shares an immense love for Pakistan. She has traveled all across the country and has become obsessed with our delicious Mangoes. Furthermore, she has been quite vocal on the social media platforms, openly expressing her views and opinions on the matters of Pakistan. Cynthia seems to have gotten hang of most of the Pakistani slang, political shenanigans, and whatnot.

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Recently, her attempt at driving a rickshaw was met with adoration. She Tweeted the picture of herself inside a rickshaw and it read, “People often ask what I’m doing in Pakistan. Here I’m caught red-handed trying to drive off in a rickshaw. The plan was to pick up as many mangoes as possible. Only problem is I don’t know how to drive a rickshaw. And I think I scared off potential customers.”

It has become quite evident that she is hooked on the delicious fruit. However, her recent jab at Maryam Nawaz has everyone laughing. Apparently, the vice-president of Muslim League- Nawaz, Maryam Nawaz went on with her routine of bashing the Prime Minister Imran Khan on Twitter. This time making insulting remarks over Imran’s Tweet where he is thanking the US President for his hospitality.

Maryam Nawaz’s Spiteful Tweet:

“You didn’t have to go to U.S. to reaffirm what is already known about you. That you’re a minion who will surrender to any authority&demand to perpetuate your ill-gotten power. From reneging on every stance that you ever took,to ceding more civilian space,you were an embarrassment”

I guess she has forgotten how her own father and PML-N’s government surrendered and bowed to the United States. Imran Khan, on the other hand, has clearly asked for friendship based on ‘equality’.

Cynthia’s response to this is quite legendary and savage, to be honest. Considering it came from a foreigner.

“I hear Ispaghol Husk is good for stomach aches.”

This is a serious burn and quite hilarious. Made everyone’s day except the PML-N followers, of course.

Oh snap! Subtle yet very obvious ridicule. 

You don’t say. 

A better remedy than Ispaghol is suggested for Maryam’s stomach ache; a toilet cleaner. 

Several joined in with Cynthia not sparing Maryam and trolling her relentlessly. Her tweet did have a jealous undertone that was easily understood and made fun of. Maryam 0, Cynthia 1.

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