Cyclone Kyarr To Stay Severe Till 1st Of November, But Karachi’s Safe!

Cyclone Kyarr Karachi safe

Cyclone Kyyar is being referred to as ‘Super Cyclone’ considering it one of the most intensified Cyclones in the history of the Arabian sea. As of now, it is directed towards Oman. Pakistan Meteorological Department issued an alert about Kayyar developing into a severe cyclonic storm on Sunday.

Cyclone Kyarr affected nearly 185 houses and almost 500 people were evacuated; as reported by Daily Jang. Ibrahim Hyderi was flooded as the rising water started entering its premises. Because of high tides, the water even entered in DHA golf club.

Moreover, the sea tides have become high in Gawadar and along the coastal lines of Balochistan. The department has advised the fishermen to avoid the sea these days.

The cyclone is 745 km south of Karachi.

The cyclone may weaken and dissipate due to the winds from the west. For now, it is ever so strong and moving towards the south which can bring light rain and dust storm in lower Sindh and along the Makran coast. Previously, the metropolis city of Pakistan was threatened by cyclone Vayu which brought intense heatwave; with temperatures soaring to 45-50 degrees.

This super cyclone’s effects are to last until the 2nd of November as stated by the MET department.

Hawke’s Bay Beach affected by cyclone Kyarr.

There are still chances of the cyclone to hit Karachi’s coastal lines, since the effects are already severe considering its location being far, yet still flooding the DHA golf club and Ibrahim Hyderi. However, according to the sources, it might continue its journey to the Oman coast.

According to the MET office, “currently, none of the Pakistan coastal areas is under direct threat from this system.” The cyclone advisory issued by the MET  office, said, “The system lay centred at 0800 PST of 27th October with maximum sustained surface winds of 230-240kmh gusting 260kmh, at about 850km south of Karachi and 1,500km east of Salalah”

Some sources suggest of second and third cyclones that are to follow Kayarr.

A second cyclone named MAHA is expected to take effect by 7-8 November. A third one by the name BULBUL will follow Maha and is said to become effective by 17-18th November.

Karachi on high alert from Monday to Tuesday.

It is best to avoid picnics and fishing at the sea for now. High tides and dust storms are to hit the coastal lines and it is definitely not the best time for recreational get-aways. In addition tho this, the fishermen are advised to stay clear from the deep waters.

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