WATCH: This Cute Pakistani Boy Is Winning Hearts As He Requests Schools To Reopen In Viral Video

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There is no doubt, that children are adorable, especially when they say things in their own innocent and witty way. May it be dressing them up or trying on a new style of accent. Children bring happiness and beauty in the world with their innocence. In the past five months, Pakistan has also come under the vicious grasp of COVID-19 which has made the routine life of people difficult and mortifying.

The situation at one point became so bad that it was made essential that a lockdown is implemented in Pakistan so that the citizens can be protected from the fatal virus.

However, after five months of quarantine and lockdown life became quite idle and people started to feel suffocated by staying indoors. Now gradually Pakistan is fighting against the virus and has managed to create a little bit of immunity against it.

A cute boy appeals to reopen schools in the cutest manner!

Even children have started to feel low and upset about the consistent lockdown. Thus, they are missing their school life now. You don’t believe us? Here is how a little boy shares an adorable video where he raps how much COVID-19 has impacted him and how desperately he wishes to go back to school.

So cute

Gepostet von Faakhir Mehmood am Freitag, 24. Juli 2020

This little schoolboy mentions he will make sure that everyone is wearing masks. He promises he will follow all the SOP’s set up by the government. Not only is the boy rapping in a completely adorable way but he also mentions dances like a true boss. And we are in love with this cutie.

He mentions he is so tired of the lockdown and the pandemic that even his mind is starting to corrode. Although, the entire video is very cute and funny; it makes us also wonder how much the pandemic has changed the way we view things and even life as a whole.

From being ignorant to those things that we didn’t pay much attention to, to the time, we’re even going out for a little while seems like a blessing. If there is anything to say COVID-19 is a curse and probably a time period to self-reflect. Moreover, we wonder what a world after the pandemic ends be like?

Anyway, this little boy surely made us smile. If there is anything to be proud of here, it is to learn how amazingly even the little children in Pakistan are beautiful and talented. Wouldn’t you agree?

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