Dear Amna Ilyas, Cut The Drama! All You Had To Say Is ‘I’M SORRY’ For Humiliating A Senior Model

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An old clip from Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s talk show has been making the rounds on social media. In the video, model Amna Ilyas points out how the former Pakistani model Aaminah Haq has gained weight and become fat in a rather ghastly manner. On Thursday, Ilyas denied that it was her. And now, instead of apologizing, she adds fuel to the fire.

Once again, the model-cum-actors Ilyas took it to her Instagram to address her fat-shaming comments directed towards Haq. She shared a video in which she starts off by yelling for a paratha in her PJs.

The Baaji star then goes on to say, “The claim that I called someone fat two years ago is not true. TV, media, bloggers – kindly ignore them all. I will tell you the truth.”

Dear Amna Ilyas, Cut The Drama! All You Had To Say Is 'I'M SORRY' For Humiliating A Senior Model
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Ilyas began narrating all the instances from her childhood to reveal that body-shaming was not the only thing she was guilty of- since she was going to be judged for her past anyway. Moreover, the actress proudly highlighted how she was a bully.

Showing no shred of regret, the unapologetic actress responded to all the backlash she had been receiving for her two-facedness. While listing out her instances of bullying others, she said, “I was 6-year-old when we had a disabled cook Nauman – I used to make fun of his limping, calling him loora Nomi loora Nomi.”

“When my cousin had a child, I wouldn’t embrace her in my arms, making faces at how pheeni she was (how bland her features were). I was 12 then,” she said. Ilyas further added how when she was 15, she imitated her teacher who used to stutter and stammer.

Amna Ilyas & her unapologetic and shameless excuses

“I have never called a single person fat in my life, I prefer to use words like haathi, gainda or saand (elephant, bull, or hippopotamus) instead,” the model smirked. Could she stoop any lower? Seems as though she is way too boastful of her own size.

I said I am none of those things because it is true. I am not, I used to be,” the shameless model added. And then she proceeded to lecture her viewers, sure that they too would have indulged in such behavior in their past.

In addition to this, as if the first time was not enough, the Baaji starlet clapped back at Haq, and cunningly ended the video.

Aaminah Haq, I cannot change what I said, I cannot undo the change I might have caused you but I try to be a better me every day,” she ironically declared, directing focus on the plate of oily paratha sitting quite obviously in her hands. “Fat and burnt black too,” she examined it.

Here’s the absurd video!

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WAIT… WHAT? Was this supposed to be an apology? Or is she justifying herself? What exactly is she trying to do here? It seems the verbal-war has not ended yet.

Netizens continue to bash Ilyas over her hypocrisy and double standards. Turns out, she is not only a hypocrite but also a shameless bully. Several commented on the clip demanding an apology, with many calling her ‘arrogant’ for not owning up to her mistakes by saying ‘I’m not her’.

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