Customers In Karachi Tired Of Poor Customer Service From Leading Internet Providers

Since the advent of the 21st century, internet has become the lifeblood of business organizations across the world. Poor internet services can have a negative influence on organizations, specifically software houses and startups that are hugely dependent on robust internet connectivity to streamline their businesses and generate revenues.

Citizens of Karachi also rely on internet services for their personal and business use. Specifically since the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, students and business professionals are now forced to perform their relevant tasks from home. As a result, having a good internet connection is of utmost importance.

Three of the major internet service providers in Karachi are Storm Fiber, Trans World and Optix. They hold a significant market share not only in Karachi but throughout Pakistan.

Despite of being the biggest internet companies and earning such massive revenue, these internet companies have been providing worst possible services to their customers. They are unable to resolve the issues when a complaint is lodged to them.

Poor service quality is the biggest issue

According to sources, the customer service representatives of these three companies often miscommunicate to customers. These companies are short staffed. They don’t hire enough engineers and customer service representatives to save costs at the expense of quality.

Some customers have also complained that they use low quality Voice-over-IP (VoIP). This means that calling them may lead to significant call-drops, thus decrease in service quality.

Many customers have also said that whenever they call their service center to get update on their complaint, customer service representatives reply that they have forwarded the complaint. They make false claims that it will be resolved soon.

Its unfortunate that companies like Stormfiber, Transworld and Optix have shown a non-serious attitude. They are adopting the same unprofessional responses adopted by other broadband companies.

These companies couldn’t entertain their customers as they should. These companies must understand importance of good internet as almost everyone has to do work from home.

Good internet connection is essential and such unprofessional behavior by these companies is totally unacceptable.

The onus lies on the companies to improve their customer services. Moreover, senior government officials should take notice and cancel licenses of internet companies with poor customer service.

These internet providers can also be contacted on their official hotline number which is provided as follows:

Stromfiber 021111178676

Transworld 021111837837

Optix 021 111167849

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