The Curious Case Of Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s Car, PML-N Workers & NAB Officials

Maryam Nawaz car

You might have heard about many different types of curious cases, from Benjamin to others. But this particular curious case of Maryam Nawaz’s car has recently been overlooked in the media. There’s not much talk about it on social media as well.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N stalwart, had been summoned by the NAB court for a hearing in a case pertaining to the transfer of government lands illegally. The Vice-President of Pakistan Muslim League (N) was on her way to a hearing at the NAB office in Islamabad when disruption was met.

However, she was forced to turn back after violent clashes erupted between the police and PML-N supporters. Thousands following their dear leader on her NAB hearing met with the police no holds barred which forced Maryam Nawaz Sharif to return to her home.

Maryam Nawaz’ shared video of the incident

From the perspective of the PML-N, the clashes erupted because of the government. She stated she had been targeted in a ‘terrorism’ attack by the incumbent government. On the other hand, the government has labeled PML-N’s antics as ‘hooliganism’.

Almost 300 PML-N supporters have been booked by the government for riots against the police. Rana Sanaullah, who was accompanying his leader, has said that fires were shot by the police, and it could have turned into a tragedy.

He stated that Maryam Nawaz remained safe because of her car. “If Maryam Nawaz’s car was not bulletproof, there could have been a tragedy,” said Rana. Rana said that they had already got Maryam Nawaz’s car checked from investigation experts who had done a forensic test on the car. Rana said that the results will be presented and legal action will be taken against anyone found involved. He directed it again, towards the government. He suggested tear gas was fired as well.

Rumors also say that Maryam’s car was shot at from a sniper rifle, a ‘long-range telescopic gun’ from range. Since the car was bulletproof, she survived. It is being hinted that it was an assassination attempt.

Cracks on the screen of Maryam’s car

Footage available, however, shows PML-N workers collecting rocks in a double cabin to throw at the police. This is being dubbed by the government as a pre-planned attack. Maryam says the government is scared of losing power, and the government says the PML-N is used to this notoriety. With both in an impasse, only formal hearings of the case will show who is right.

The curious case of Maryam Nawaz’s car continues to baffle many, as to why the future Chieftain of PML-N could not reach her NAB summon. Previously, Maryam Nawaz, too, has taken shots at Imran Khan and his government.

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