5 Cultural Eid-Ul-Adha Dishes From Around The Globe Including Pakistan!

eid ul adha dishes

Eid is always an exciting celebration that brings Muslims regardless of individual backgrounds, together. Usually, Eid has Muslim households preparing tasty food enticed with the essence of the various cultures. The meaty occasion of Eid-ul-Adha comes along with endless dishes. And it compels people to make space in their fridge to store the unimaginable amount of meat garnered through sacrificing.

Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated in remembrance of the brave gesture of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) when he agreed to sacrifice his own son to please God. Moreover, it is also in the association with giving back as well. Therefore, a decent portion of the sacrificed animals is distributed to the neighbors or the poor. It is a kind occasion that ensures Muslims to remain humble, kind and helping while praising God and his blessings.

The Unreal Eid Dishes Around The World

Another quality thing about this holiday is the unlimited cuisine that one gets to witness! Muslims everywhere celebrate it by preparing dishes confirming to their own culture. Hence, the beauty of Eid dishes that exist around the world, is untouchable. If you are an individual that enjoys the experience that diversity has to offer, then you will enjoy the following list of dishes:


Source: Taste of Maroc

The Middle East is all about lamb meat! This is why most of their cultural dishes cannot be complete without the interference of this element. However, lamb is a delicacy that everyone throughout the Muslim world including Central Asia and South Asia, enjoy. What is this dish all about? Well as its name suggests, it is a popular dish in Morocco made of lamb and Moroccan spices. The interesting part of it all is that one can also use honey as a seasoning within it as well. But it depends on the taste and preferences of people whether they would add in honey or not. Otherwise, the usual spices like turmeric, cardamom, and cumin, are also used in the lamb stew. It is topped with dry fruits like raisins and almonds.


Source: KFoods

This isn’t new to the Pakistan readers because this country breathes Biryani. There is always a lot of debate regarding where it originated from, either India or Pakistan. However, that isn’t the concern here because this dish is perfect for every occasion and festival. Despite the fact that it seems simple to make because of its uncomplicated nature of combining rice and meat, but getting the right taste is difficult. This is the reason why most Pakistanis love Biryani but recommend only a few places. Regardless, this meaty dish paired with flavorful rice is the ultimate experience as the spices and herbs explode within one’s mouth. This traditional dish is so tasty that Pakistan attracts tourists to the country through its delicious identity!


eid ul adha dishes

Source: Taste of Palestine

This is a popular dish consumed throughout the Middle East especially in countries like Iraq and Syria. Not only is it tremendously delicious because of its perfect harmony of traditional Arabic spices but it tends to be served upside down! The vegetables, meat, and rice are all cooked together to then be dumped upside down onto the plate. It ends up looking like a cake but made up of rice and topped with meat. Moreover, just like biryani, the meat that you use within the dish doesn’t have to be specific it could be chicken, beef, or lamb.

Roasted Lamb

eid ul adha dishes

Source: Eat Out

There is no way to celebrate this occasion without having roast lamb. It is a delicacy that is famous all over the Middle East but also within Pakistan. This is because Pakistani barbecue usually consists of lamb meat. Once again, preparing this is not a difficulty because it only requires the necessary seasonings that can differ within cultures. Afterward, you can butter it up or fold in oil to then slowly cook it so that the flavor oozes out. The tenderer the texture of the meat is, the better it would taste. But again, people can roast it according to their own interests and food preferences; even if there are set recommendations for cooking.


eid ul adha dishes

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This is an Afghani dish that is known for its simple nature yet tasty ingredients. It is most popular among young people especially children during festivals or religious celebrations. Moreover, it is easy to prepare as well. It consists of a flatbread that is stuffed with a variety of fillings that mostly includes potatoes and regular vegetables. It serves as an amazing side snack in a table full of meaty dishes during Eid-ul-Adha.

Regardless, this is just a glimpse of the heavenly cuisines spread all around the Muslim world.  There are countless other delicious dishes that are just as fascinating and jaw-dropping. If you ever receive the chance to travel then the best experience would be to try new food and witness the different cultures.

What do you think of the situation? Have you ever tried any of these traditional Eid-ul-Adha dishes before (Except for Biryani if you are a Pakistani citizen)? Did any of these dishes surprise you? Try them out in quarantine and make it fun and productive.


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