CSS Examinations Will Now Be Conducted In Urdu Instead of English

Good Move Or A Blunder? CSS Examinations Will Now Be Conducted In Urdu Instead of English

It seems that competitive aspirants of bureaucracy in Pakistan are bound to be ill at ease when it comes to the competent authorities conducting the exams. Be them the Provincial commissions or the Federal Public Service Commission, one amendment after the other is the way forward. The CSS Examinations just got a little more complicated.

In the recent twist of the tale, Lahore Hight Court (LHC) ordered the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to conduct the CSS Examinations, 2018 onwards, in Urdu instead of English.

Source: archives

Source: archives

The Central Superior Service (CSS) Exam is the most difficult and competitive examination in the country. With the passing criteria toughening every year, the step comes as a shock to many and a pleasant surprise to others. In 2016’s CSS result, almost 98% candidates failed to pass all subjects.

LHC’s Justice Atir Mehmud tended to a petition filed by Advocate Saifur Rehman who was able to find the loophole in the FPSC advertisement, as it did not define which language the exams would be conducted in.

Source: urdupoint.com

Source: urdupoint.com

This comes on the back of the Supreme Court passing a similar petition filed back in 2015. The ruling, as it seems, will not be put forth immediately for the 2017 examinations. However, the court seemed confident that by 2018, the CSS Exams will be conducted in Urdu.

This is how Pakistanis reacted to the CSS Exams being conducted in Urdu

It seems that a step forward in Pakistan comes at the cost of taking two steps back. There is an intermediate way of conducting the FPSC backed exams where an option can be given to students over their preferred choice of language. Candidates should be allowed to take the exams in both English and Urdu.

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