Students Steal PhD Thesis, Attendance Sheets From KU’s Criminology Department

Karachi University crime criminology

Looks like Karachi University criminologists might be having another crime case study added to their curriculum. As weird that sounds, this story is far more twisted. There has been a crime scene in the criminology department.

Crime Scene in the Criminology Dept of Karachi University

Karachi University is always providing us interesting insights and something to laugh and enjoy. From horror stories of ghosts in the Chemistry lab to the lovebirds of ‘Prem Gali’, Karachi University surely has all the entertaining people just in one place. From media experts to scientists to lovebirds, and apparently now criminals. Therefore it didn’t seem like quite a surprise to us when we heard this news.

Funny right? The Twitterati and netizens are having a ball as soon as the news about this hilarious crime scene at Karachi University hit the news. Maybe it was a prank or perhaps, the students of the department got bored sitting at home in this lockdown and wanted to actually see what a criminal feel like.

Who was it?

According to recent reports, Karachi University is closed due to the ongoing pandemic. The perfect opportunity for students – we mean criminals to sneak in and steal. But most importantly, the thing bugging us, what could they possibly steal at a university? You might be thinking perhaps our genius criminals were smart and stole laptops or expensive equipment from the lab right? But no, these criminals were a bit more proficient. They stole books and Ph.D. dissertations.

Okay, I mean sure, good job, you stole piles and piles of hard work of students who were doing research; but what are you going to do with it? Unless it was the student himself? The irony is the entire incident itself.

In addition to that, the funniest aspect of this rather humorous news is that even the attendance sheet of the classes was stolen. Oh dear, looks like there is quite a mischievous batch of criminologists studying at Karachi University. Or maybe a criminal is enrolled and practicing for conducting actual crimes? God knows what we will get to see next, but it sure is worth the wait.

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