#CricketKiHalala – Hashtag by PCB Is Literally Making Every Pakistani Confused about Its Meaning

Why is it a weird coincidence that everything that starts or ends with “lala” makes you want to scratch your head? Most viable examples are Malala, the Oscar winning movie, Lalaland and now #CricketKiHalala.

As you know that World XI of cricket as organized by ICC is coming to play in Pakistan at Lahore’s iconic Gaddafi Stadium. To make some noise about it on social media, the official hashtag being used by Pakistan Cricket Board is baffling everyone. It says, “#CricketKiHalala”… let that sink in.

Yeh kya hai?

Yeh kya haiiii?

Yeh kyaaaa haiiiiiiiiiiii?

Of course, it’s making people ask a lot of questions!


Was it an intern?


Looks like Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) hired a 19-year-old intern to do the job. Seriously, with all the decent pictures spreading on social media, it’s baffling to see #CricketKiHalala spreading everywhere!

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