‘I’m A Cricketer, Not A Gora Who Speaks Perfect English’, Says Babar Azam

Babar Azam English

Although the national language of Pakistan is ‘Urdu’, a few people feel proud of speaking and learning  English instead of ‘Urdu’. Secondly, those who don’t speak English well are considered uneducated in the sub-continent. Be it, cricketers, actors, or any other beings belonging to any profession, the yardstick of assessing their education is ‘English-language in the country.

Recently, the renowned cricketer of Pakistan, Babar Azam responded to a suggestion regarding the improvement of his English language. skill. The tweet posted by, Saj Sadiq, who writes about cricket, says “Babar Azam responding to suggestions he should improve his English.” Here’s the response of Babar Azam, “I’m a cricketer, my job is to play cricket. I am not a ‘gora,’ who knows English completely. Yes, I am working on it, but you learn these things over a period of time, you can’t just suddenly learn it.” 

As per a seer, the people in Pakistan are still colonized. Besides, many eminent authors say that education has nothing to do with fluent spoken English. Notwithstanding, certain elements of society spur the use of English, which creates an imbalance in society.

However, people across social media have supported the argument of Babar Azam and reacted in the following manner.

‘Absolutely correct !’

‘I m with Babar’

‘Why this obsession of making Babar Azam an English gentleman’

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