Cricket Fans Will Lose Their Senses After Reading The Views Of This Girl!

Everybody has had some weird baby moments and when you grow up your parents never forget to mention those moments, without skipping a beat and not missing a chance to embarrass you in front of people. My weird baby moment was…. Ta-Da watching cricket on TV all day long. Yes, that’s what I did. I don’t know why. But perhaps, I am a kid who grew up with PTV, STN and NTM. While my class fellows talked about *heena* on Zee TV , I was the one thinking about 8 bajay ka drama on PTV. So since my babyhood (is that a word?) I was watching PTV and since it was not 24/7 entertainment thing back then, it was mostly cricket. Test cricket I guess.

I support TEAM PAKISTAN because why not? From *Allah miyaan Pakistan jeet jaaye kyunk hum musalmaan hain and you are our Allah* to Dadi who is telling all the kids to raise their hands for *ijtimaayi dua* for Pakistan’s win, I did all of that. I had cousins who knew scores from matches before their birth and I am the one who asked them last week , ‘is Inzamam ul Haq playing?’. The look I got was definitely a sign for me to shut up.

I have no idea what power play is. I had no idea what T20 is. I thought , maybe 20 countries are playing. Till someone told me to go watch POGO. Still didn’t get the sarcasm, and watched POGO.



And here’s the most awkward part. Didn’t tell anyone yet because I figured it out somehow but oh come on you must know it. I always thought that the umpire is standing right there in the middle of the pitch and the baller (baller/bowler, kya hai bhai ye??)has to show his talent by not hitting the ball on his hat. It was simply a NAZAR KA DHOKA. And i had no idea that all players are involved somehow. It looked like two are always running and the others are just there standing (or is that a squat?)

Right now I just witnessed Misbah ul Haq receiving the ICC mace and my reaction to that was, *Why is everybody so freaking excited about this??? ALL he got is a GIANT CHUPA CHUP LOLLIPOP FOR GODSAKE!!!* Now you can’t really blame me for that, it does look like a pale gold wrapper lollipop. Even though I have zero knowledge about it I would still watch it because I want to update my Facebook status in case no one’s watching it. *Sarcasm*

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