Based on Your Zodiac, Here Are the Creepiest Facts about You That Will Tremble Your Soul

Every person on earth is a fair quotient of evil. It’s simply what makes us human, after all. However, it surely shivers one’s spine to actually ruminate over our evil and creepy side. Not to forget, we sometimes urge not to believe what level of savage we could be from the inside. Based on Zodiac, we have learned plenty about relationships, perfect matches, etc., let us now get personal with ourselves and uncover something would naturally make you uncomfortable.

But, relax, it’s okay; you are not alone in this. These creepy traits based on your zodiac may be relevant to your everyday life activities or something you are consciously aware of. Maybe you are well familiar with it and choose not to accept it.

So, here we go… We let you decide whether it’s true or not.


You’re kind of obsessed with dying. When you are thinking about it, you would either imagine yourself dying or maybe someone very close to you. It’s creepy because it takes up more than a minute to realize what in the world you are thinking and feel weird about it.


You are supreme at lying. You could become an amazing story-teller. It comes naturally to you, you can devise a vivid tale in your mind within seconds and deceive others. The worst part – sometimes, you may consciously know you are lying but believe to be telling the truth or some version of it. This makes you two-faced in nature. Check qualities of a Gemini.


Stalker. Deep down inside, you know how much it pleasures you to stalk other people. Whether social media or real life, you can be creeping around people in secret. You are most likely to know what people away from you may be doing because you are kind of hung onto their lives due to your urge of stalking.


You have an insane obsession. The kind of obsession that makes you really creepy at times. You are naturally carried away with it; it moves of its own accord and you get entangled. Not to forget, it can make people feel suffocated around you. Check things you should know before dating a Cancerian.


You have a twisted “sexual fetish” inside you. It lives at the back of your mind and appears on its own. You may be generally of shy nature and when it appears before, it may surprise people to the core. It’s like an inner-freak sleeping inside you which might wake up one day.

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You want love. You want admiration. You want the spotlight and sometimes you could do anything to get it. It’s like a validation that you deeply crave no matter how much you get it. You stay indebted to it. The things you can do for the sake of it are really frightening.


You have an unrelenting desire and curiosity about everything creepy. Never in the world have you clicked on something so fast as this article. It kinds of give you a pleasure that you may never explain. Having the internet, you may have come a long way fulfilling this desire by viewing or reading some really creepy stuff.


Sometimes, you can turn so cold and spine-less that it’s actually doubtful that you are a human. It’s like your feelings have turned to stone and you have absolutely no control over it. Zilch.


You tend to get super dark, insensitive, which can be really creepy. It’s possibly why you might be comfortable with dark humor. It doesn’t take a great deal of dark and horrible things and thoughts to pop into your mind and your brain kind of dwells on that avenue. The thought of murdering someone, dropping a baby or setting things to fire may not sometimes push you away.


You imagine yourself as a savior in every catastrophic situation. You think you have what it takes to be a superhero and save everyone. You devise horrible situations, ready to take the first step in bad circumstances which might not be too bad but come off as creepy to people around you. You always believe that only you can save people.


According to your zodiac, you are quick to imagine death occasions, funerals of your friends and family. You can really get carried away by that. Like you wouldn’t stop thinking about what would you wear on the occasion of your husband’s death. Your mind has the potential to think of really dark situations.


Murder fantasy. You can pretty comfortably fantasize about what would happen if you murder someone close to you, like your sister. When someone’s really annoying or testing your patience, it would naturally urge to think about killing them. Not just killing them but killing them badly and feeling good.

It’s okay, guys. It’s just Zodiac.

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