What? Creepy Clown On YouTube Advises 3-Year-Old Joey To Kill His Family

What? Creepy Clown On YouTube Advices 3-Year-Old Joey To Kill His Family

In the modern world of tech, parents have become reckless and don’t care what their children are watching. With the way, easy access to the internet and other smartphone gadgets kids just grab it to watch whatever they want.

Most interesting thing is that parents don’t even bother to look into that device for a second and monitor their watch history. There have been hundreds of cases out there, young children get involved in some way inappropriate things, which at some time gets worst for them to handle.

Source: American Psychologist

Something bizarre stuff happened a few days back when a kid was told by YouTube’s creepiest clown to kill his parents. Shockingly, such a thing didn’t alarm him at all. Soon the incident came on the internet people went crazy and shared it on various social media platforms.

Let’s get into details and dig down what exactly happened. Kid’s mother came forward and shared everything.

Joey tried to kill his family – a clown told him

According to his mother, “Joey was enjoying watching a YouTube video about counting dinosaurs when he was exposed to a hidden message by a creepy clown alongside images of children being stabbed in the neck.”

Source: The Indian Express

He was sitting in front of his father, who was assisting him with the numbers.

Stephanie Zikmann was also got shocked when she found out that. She said, “the most worrying thing about it was the message ‘kill them all. “I am so horrified. I’m disgusted, I am.”

Source: Bol News

“My son was innocently watching counting dinosaurs on YouTube before it was taken over by what I gather is a combination of It and Pennywise.

“The most worrying thing about it was the message ‘kill them all.’

She claimed that “as the video progressed, it exhorted youngsters to “murder them all,” with pictures of children being stabbed in the neck, having their arms severed, and so on, all while a catchy melody continued to tell them to “kill them all.”

“What’s all the more alarming is that Joey didn’t seem disturbed by this at all which makes me wonder, is this a regular occurrence? What else are our kids seeing?”

Source: ProPakistani

In India, a boy beheaded his very own father when he stopped him playing one of the most popular games in India Pubg.

Experts and doctors on children screen time

There have been researches regarding giving early access to tech to the kids. Because as per the screen time or say smartphone plays an important in sabotaging child’s life. Parents hand over smartphones, tablets without monitoring their screen time which is affecting them deeply.

Source: People

According to Dr. Jennifer F. Cross, “We’re not sure what this data means yet, but what we can hypothesize is that screens could inhibit certain aspects of a child’s development by narrowing their focus of interest and limiting their other means of exploration and learning.”

She further added, “If young children spend most of their time engaging with an iPad, smartphone, or the television, all of which are highly entertaining, it can be hard to get them engaged in non-electronic activities, such as playing with toys to foster imagination and creativity, exploring outdoors, and playing with other children to develop appropriate social skills.

Source: Today’s Parents

Interacting almost exclusively with screens would be like working out only your arm muscles and nothing else. You would have really strong arm muscles but at the expense of overall fitness.”

It has been proved that children at an early age don’t adapt a lot from the video rather than the factional learning process.

Source: BBC

According to the studies, “children under 2 learn less from a video than when learning from another person, and it appears that although children will watch the TV screen by 6 months, understanding the content does not generally occur until after age 2.”

Best apps for parents to monitor on your kid’s phone

In the 21st century, there are tons of apps for parents and with that, they can keep track of their kid’s phones. What they are watching or doing? Because it’s the must thing to do. So, here is the list of the top 10 apps that every parent should have.

  • Android007
  • Spybunker
  • Logskit
  • Mobile Tracker Free
  • Quester
  • Norton Family
  • Secure Team
  • Net Nanny
  • My Mobile Watchdog
  • mSpy

Although having such apps and everything, it’s still hard to control, at least try to save your kid from damaging their precious life.

Joey’s mother will take further action to take down more of these videos from the platform and save other kids from it.

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